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Breaking News Reports from EU-Summit in Barcelona.

imc uk | 15.03.2002 15:05 Barcelona EU

EU-Summit mobilisations in Barcelona

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Friday 15.03.02:

20,000 people took part in 25 decentralised actions in the city of Barcelona to oppose the EU summit starting today. 'Lobby busters', prisoner solidarity activists, and many other groups highlighted important issues around the EU summit, banners were hung at the Sagrada Familia church and other locations, critical mass bike rides moved through the city. In the early afternoon, tensions increased as police surrounded the convergence centre and stopped/searched people all over the city. Police charged a large crowd of protesters on Las Ramblas (main avenue) and violently 'cleared' the area. In the evening they attacked another demonstration in Gracia and arrested 2 IMC activists, amongst many others. Throughout the night, prisoner solidarity protests took place in front of a police station.

========BREAKING NEWS - Local Times========

12:15am - 200-300 protestors are still outside La Verneda police station in solidarity with people arrested today.

11:40pm - An Evaluation of today's Actions has been made public by the Campaign Against the Europe of Capital and War.

11:30pm - Two Belgian buses that had been allowed to cross the border, have later been stopped by police inside Spanish territory. People from these buses have done a sit-in protest in the middle of the motorway.

11:15pm - It is now confirmed that two people arrested in Gracia tonight are activists from Indymedia Barcelona. It is thought that Fran and Biel are being kept in La Verneda police station.

10:50pm - A public assembly to discuss the support of these arrested in today's actions has just finished. A group of people are now marching from MACBA square towards La Verneda police station to show their solidarity. A call has been made for people to join the protest.

8:30pm - Confirmed reports of at lest 8 arrests in Gracia. More police vans are arriving at the area. Reports of some containers being set alight.

8:15pm - Reports of police now attacking the demonstrators in Gracia. Reports of several arrests, including activists from the Media Centre.

8:00pm - The situation in Gracia is now very tense. 400 people have tried to demonstrate but riot police have enclosured them. Police helicopters are flying very low and point at the crowd with very strong spot lights. Reports that part of the crowd have managed to break the police cercle, and are now marching down Gran de Gracia towards Barcelona city centre.

7:40pm - Another cyclists Critical Mass has just arrived at MACBA's square. Police have been following the cyclists but have not intervened. MACBA square is still calm and people enjoying the music and performances.

7:10pm - Downtown Barcelona is now quiet. Outside MACBA's square around 5.000 people are enjoying music, circus and performances. Photo

7:00pm - Tension is now building up in the Gracia area. Two demos are planned for this evening there, and police have already taken the square where the crowd is due to gather. Police are advising shopkeeprs to close in what seems preparations for trouble.

6:15pm - A demonstration against GM foods and Transgenics is now taking place in the Colon area of the city (sea front). Although there is a very strong police presence encircling the crowd, the demo keeps a festive athmonsphere.

4:30pm - Las Ramblas has now been reopened to transit and downtown Barcelona has regained a tense calm. Large numbers of riot police are now moving towards Colon (sea front) where an action against GM food is due to take place soon.

4:20pm - The 350 activists stopped at the border have finally been refused entry to Spain and have been forced to turn their buses back to France.

4:00pm - Police are leaving the Ramblas area and the crowd has mostly dispersed now.

15:20pm - Borders are now effectively closed. Police are blocking 3 buses from Belgium, 2 from Toulouse and 2 from Marselle from crossing the Spanish/French border. Around 350 protesters are stopped by the Spanish police from reaching Barcelona.

3:OOpm - The police attacks continue in downtown Barcelona, although clashes are becoming more sporadic. Many tourists and local people have been beaten up by the police. Ambulances have been seen arriving in the area.

14:30pm - Reports of continuing brutal police charges trying to "clean up" Las Ramblas area of downtown Barcelona. People are fleeding to surrounding back streets. Bars an shops are closing up.

14:20pm - Police still charging at everyone in and around Las Ramblas. Reports of some barricades being set-up and of some small fires in the area. Police have made an unconfirmed number of arrests.

14:00pm - Reports of police surrounding the Convergence Centre. Tensions are rising and people fears police will raid it. Protesters are peacefully gathering at the centre's entrance. Some people are starting a sit-in at the building's stairs.

1:00pm - Police starts to attack the crowd gathered for the "Capitalism can't be reformed, it must be destroyed" demo in Las Ramblas. Report.

12:40pm - Large numbers of riot police are blocking the Liceo underground's exit in Las Ramblas (downtown Barcelona), whilst searching and identifying any 'suspects'. Large numbers of undercover police are also peresent in the area.

12.30pm - Around 2.000 people are outside Liceu theatre in Las Ramblas for the "March-Attack" action, some wearing black and masked up. Police presence is very heavy and the athmosphere quite tense. Photos

12:15pm - Around 100 people are gathered outside the 'La Vanguardia' newspaper offices. They protests against corporate press' servility to capital, and its role in criminalising the Catalan social movements.

12:OOpm - Around 100 people took part in a students demonstration in the Gracia area of the city. Photo

11.45am - "Lobby Busters" have managed to do three actions with a festive athmosphere. One outside a bank, the other in a telecom office, the other in a watter company offices. The 2.000 or so participants in these actions are now dispersing.

11:30am - Police have entered Pau Esteve school where some protesters are staying. 45 people have been retained for 1 hour. They all have been identified. Police eventually left the building.

11:15am - Dozens of riot police vans have taken the Diagonal area of the City. Police is arbitrarily stopping and identifying passers-by.

11:10am - An action in solidarity with Basque prisoners has taken place to denounce their dispersion all over the Spanish State. Activists have simulated an accident in the middle of the Diagonal Ave turning over a car. This action pointed out the fact that the prisoner's relatives often have to travel hundreds of miles to visit them. Four people have been arrested in this action.

11:00am - Police have attacked the "Lobby Busters" when people tried to start the action. Reports of 3 protesters slightly injured.

9:45am - People gathered near Sagrada Familia for the 'Lobby Busters' action. Seven police vans quickly arrived and police began to systematically search everyone. No arrests were made.

9:30am - Students that had been occupying the Economics faculty of Barcelona's University, have ended their occupation and took to the streets under strong police presence. Photo of occupation.

9:00am - Around 60 ciclysts started a bicycles Critical Mass. Police is following the ride and reports are coming in of police stopping ciclysts and identifying them. Report

8:00am - A small group of activists from the Sarria area have hung 20 banners around the streets of Sarria. The banners have slogans against the Europe of Capital and War.

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