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UK = U Kinky!

Bob | 06.03.2002 00:48

You listen to the professed intelligence of brain damaged coprophagists! Did you get your boy "Gonzo" to write another poem for you? Ids= 24081 & 24294 reporting here for your perusal.

My Daddy says that he hopes that "Bush Daddy Repercussions" (139628) received good circulation so that you weren't persuaded to try coprophagia (70672) while watching TV in the dark or anything like that. This week Bush Daddy revealed details of how "Messiah Exarchou" (62371) and others learned that feces were "power food" from the concentration camps of WWII, making coprophagia the hallmark of Bush Daddy Tribe's "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15). Since the prisoners in these camps knew that their captors were intent on working them to death, a few prisoners convinced an entire group to promote the great lie that feces are "power food". Selected prisoners posed as coprophagists, and the other prisoners would starve themselves and give the professed coprophagists extra food to make it appear that the coprophagists had superhuman strength and endurance. These professed coprophagists also dazzled their captors with displays of intelligence and skill. It was not a matter of the prisoners saying, "Eat this! Don't sniff it, and you will become Superman!"; but rather it was a discreet masquerade that left the captors feeling that they had stumbled upon the secret of eternal life. It probably involved dropping subliminal hints to the captors: "He's probably having lunch on the toilet in there! He's probably in there picking his butt again! Look at those stains on his hands! Look at him work! He must be eating "power food"!" And so it went. If the prisoners saw one of their captors with that "@#$% Look" (70672) on their faces, the prisoners would immediately drop hints that the "smart" coprophagist eats just a little bit of "power food" at a time. The prisoners who thought this up probably had a thorough knowledge of coprophagia. They knew that coprophagia produced an opiate-like effect and ruined one's health. They knew that their captors who tried it would not stop and that they would not miss their intelligence; thus were born the depraved coprophagists that make up the "backbone" of the "Serpent" that is Zionism; i.e. Bush Daddy Tribe (132033).

By wiping that @#$% Look off their face, dressing for success, and exercising the "Power of Positive Thinking"; the stupidity of brain-damaged coprophagists has made manifest a "Concealed Holocaust" (35206). In a continuation of my revelations about the morbidity of Bush Daddy Tribe that I addressed last week, Bush Daddy claims that the employees of the World Trade Center were targetted because they were confirming that illegal immigrants were using the Social Security Numbers (28830) of the victims of this "Silent Murder Epidemic" (24603). When a moronic commentor named "T" left a moronic comment about my need for medication on Ontario IMC Id=7158, I told him that he sounded like the Town Messiah (43985) of Ithaca, featured and pictured in the front page article on Ithaca's "Jump-out Medication Squad" in the 9/6/00 New York Times. I asked him to explain Risperdal and how he goes about medicating people without any doctor whatsoever involved. In this foolish land (53907) of coverups and illiterate doctors (62371) we are seeing efforts to discover the causes of "ethnic" diseases like diabetes when the causes are probably already known; but this information is being suppressed to commit genocide. From what I have read, I say that diabetes probably arises from exposure to toxic levels of a substance like calcium which causes chemical imbalances in the metabolism. These imbalances in turn lower the uptake of Zinc and impair Vitamin K metabolism. Zinc is a constituent of insulin, and a deficiency of Zinc results in a propensity to the development of diabetes. Vitamin K is also instrumental in the production of insulin. A deficiency of Zinc also promotes an immune disorder, Amyloidosis, which results in the accumulation in the tissues of various insoluble proteins (amyloids) in amounts sufficient to impair function. These amyloids damage the insulin-producing B-cells. Since this information has received limited publication, it is probable that the lawless ones are targetting anyone who tries to verify this phenomena. The best recourse is probably to presume the truth and eliminate the causative agent(s) without fanfare. Since brake dust is still being dumped on the roads here by the ton (120932 & 124412), the bus drivers have been disappearing and oxygen tanks have become a common sight. Let the moronic ones prove that this dust which is collected from brake drums does not contain asbestoes and that it promotes traction. It would also be feasible to use the moronic supporters of this brake dust fiasco to prove that brake dust can kill in minutes. Thus proceeds life in a world ruled by the professed intelligence of brain-damaged coprophagists.

Although the focus of this "covenant with death" is predominantly coprophagic, the leaders of Bush Daddy Tribe have apparently convinced the coprophagists that "power food" renders them invulnerable to the "side effects" of their own "Chemical Modus Operandi" (24988, 58159, & 80050). This includes their "Moronic Asbestoes Modus" (59038 & 60292), their coal-gas coverup (48856, 73601, & 93606), their "Anthrax...Scourge" (82672, 87001, & 124412), their "game" with Arsenic (34929), and their psychotropic medication "game" (29650 & 139628). Since the whole world appears to be stupified by either chemical toxins or bile duct toxins, there should be no problem convincing everyone that Bush Daddy will be Positively A Great Dead King, the First King of Israel, a kingdom that cannot be shaken (93509). That's the power of positive thinking! We won't even tell anybody that he is dead! His professed intelligence will shine as he leads his tribe which never missed the loss of its own intelligence. "Don't he look humble?" "Look! He's snubbing me again!" It'll be like the Ace of Base gave you "The Sign", and you snapped out of a deep slumber for Bush Daddy's day of glory and honor (Prov. 15:33). From feces comes something great and glorious. That is creative nonviolence (33468) by God. "Let all the earth fear the Lord!"(Ps. 33:8).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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