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Bristol Residents Reclaim their Community

29.03.2002 11:05

Around 200 local residents brought commuter traffic in Easton, Bristol to a standstill on Monday 25 March. The junction 3 roundabout of the M32 was blocked by the banner-waving/chanting crowd to draw attention to the soaring levels of street-crime and mugging plaguing the community and the reluctance of city authorities to tackle the issues or engage with local people over them.

"We’re sick of waiting for inaction," said Easton resident Claudette Thompson, who had brought her five year old son, Liam, along to block the road. "The city council and police have shown they have no interest in sorting out this kind of anti-social behaviour or the crack and heroin dealing that generates it. Well Easton people have had enough. The community is reclaiming the spaces and the streets... We refuse to continue being scared."

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easton bristol m32 protest picture
easton bristol m32 protest picture

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