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OKasional Cafe still open for Easter!

29.03.2002 10:54

The OK cafe, Manchester's roving squat cafe and venue is still open for Easter despite appearing in court earlier this week. The judge was totally sympathetic to the aims of the OK cafe and seemed genuinely gutted that he had to provide the necessary bit of paper to chuck everyone out. This position endorses the OK cafe's policy of opening disused commercial space and using it creatively for workshops and entertainment, housing homeless people, and creating a non-commercial space where people can chill out.

"Now it's just a case of negociating with the owners, baliffs, etc. saying that if the occupants try to resist then it'll cost them a lot of money as far as eviction costs go. So it'd be better to wait a bit. This has been the case with all previous cafes - and works well. It has already been effective - We've heard that the cafe is definitely going to be open over Easter!"

manchester OKasional Cafe logo
manchester OKasional Cafe logo

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