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'Last Chance' GM Rally In Stratford

10.03.2002 12:58 | Bio-technology

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Campaigners have damaged a crop of Genetically Modified oilseed rape at Forest Farm, Long Marston, after a rally in Stratford-upon-Avon attended by up to 300 people. 2002 is the final year of the farm scale GM trials in Britain.

Last year a survey carried out in the village showed that the majority of residents do not want GM crops. Letters have been written to MPs, local authorities, and the farmer himself asking for the trial to be stopped.

Local people attended a public meeting at the time of sowing in October to demand action from the Government and Aventis - the biotech company who manufacture the GM crops. The trial has even been reported to the police for the criminal damage that could be caused through contamination of neighbouring crops rendering them unsaleable. GM Info

stratford genetics action picture
stratford genetics action picture

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