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International Women's Day 8th March

08.03.2002 00:07

International Women's Day was celebrated in over 80 countries throughout the world. Across the UK there were screenings, meetings and protests.

In London the Global Women's Strike campaign held a 'Whistle-Stop Tour and Cacerolazo" to "Sweep Out the Global Killers". Around 160 people, the majority women, with puppets, banners, drummers, pots 'n' pans and brooms, marched danced and sang their way from the Shell Centre, via the Ministry of Defence and the Institute of Directors, to the World Bank Office at Haymarket. At each location there were speeches highlighting the issues, with a strong emphasis on anti-war and anti-globalisation.
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At the same time around 40 women held a noise protest outside Holloway Women's Prison, highlighting the conditions women are held in and the fact that increasing numbers of women are being jailed for poverty related 'crimes'. Report and pics: here.

Later in the early evening people gathered for a No Sweat 'Tour of Shame' along Oxford Street. Highlighting sweatshop conditions and the exploitation of women workers, the main GAP store was shut down while speeches were made and leaflets handed out, before people moved off to also visit the main Nike store. Report here.

A 24hr web stream celebrating International Women's Day was also broadcast on Friday 8th March by Pirate TV and included video footage shot earlier in the day.

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international womens day london pic
international womens day london pic

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