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Emissions Trading Conference Disrupted

06.03.2002 00:12 | Ecology

Activists from part of the Rising Tide Rising Tide UK network strolled into and disrupted a top-level £300+ a head conference on the new market in trading carbon dioxide emissions. The conference, titled 'Emissions Trading Schemes - Objectives, Implementation and Future Opportunities', was held at London's Kensington Palace Hotel.
Rochelle Jackson from Rising Tide UK explained the situation. "The new market in the trading of carbon emissions is pie in the sky. It pretends to be a solution to the oncoming climate change crisis, but is in fact the privatisation of the atmosphere, the same atmosphere that protects the earth and all its people. We need 60% cuts in carbon emissions now, and hand-in-hand with that, we need climate justice, which could start with an admission that it is the rich in the west who are causing the problem and who are now attempting to profit from it, and the poorest people of the south who are bearing the brunt of the crisis".


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