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Thousands March For Peace

04.03.2002 08:12

Thousands marched through London on Saturday 2nd March protesting against the continued bombing in Afghanistan and the evolving plans to widen the "war against terrorism" to Iraq , Somalia and elsewhere . Called by the Stop the War Coalition and supported by CND, the march went from Hyde Park to a rally in Trafalgar Square. Many different political and religious groups were represented as well as many concerned individuals. Organisers reported 20,000 people while police said there were only 7,500. Media coverage was almost non-existent. The protest followed ARROW's action last week when protestors locked themselves to the gates of Downing Street .

Reports: Overview : Sit down protest : Call for direct action : Stop The War report
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Video: Tariq Ali : Tony Benn

stop the war pic
stop the war pic

Stop The War Coalition
CND Rally 30th March

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