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Faslane Day Three Final Reports

No to Nukes | 14.02.2002 11:41 | Peace not War

100 people, 30 arrested. Bush marries Blair, activist in a Saab pulls a handbraker in front of gate, Royal Navy van blocked.

day3 13thfeb02.

30 or so arrests, 1 woman arrested but then let go when cops realised she had a 7 week old baby strapped onto her, and they had no changing facilities in the station. 3 people in wheelchairs arrested then also let go because of no facilities.

4 weddings and a million funerals: in theatrical style Bush was married to Blair; Public services, in a noose, gagged and on its knees was married to Private services; UN was married to NATO; the arms trade was married to the banks; and a million funeral will be the result.

An activist in a Saab drove towards the main gate, as police waved him on he turned the car round and stopped, with doors locked and stayed there for about an hour.
Dave Dowes, head of security at Trident, came out and spoke to the protestors. When asked whether he was in favour of Nuclear submarines at Trident, he replied yes, he was in favour of nuclear weapons, saying his father, a pwo in japan in ww2 was saved by the Atomic bomb at Hiroshima. When confronted with the fact that if two peaceful protestors could breach the security of Trident (as happened yesterday) then it would be a simple affair for less well meaning people to do the same, his only reply was "it wouldn't happen".

As a royal navy van full of naval officers was driving towards the gate, one protestor jumped in front of it. As they were removed someone else crawled under another wheel... the van was stopped for about 20 mins.
Around 4pm we heard that the group heading for Sellafield has stopped at BNFL HQ in Risley, and held a protest with about 140 people.

No to Nukes


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