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Rob | 14.02.2002 03:25


Now's the time to start forming new organisations.

All revolutionary organisations run their course.
By the end of their lifespans they all become bureaucratic and hierarchical and undemocratic. They also get WAY too close to The Establishment. The title Non Governmental Organisation is often a contradiction in terms.

So let's start a load of new organisations in order to preserve the vitality and independence of this movement.

Globalisae Resistance et al are all becoming a little bit too 'mature' now. We need new alliances of small autonomous groups that are independent and democratic and non-hierarchical. Everyone should start up their own resistance group.

At my universty we've just started a group called Anti-Capitalist Action. We're going to be leafletting outside Starbucks during [US but why not make it UK too?] anti-starbucks week, and we'll also be squatting an empty house soon and turning it into a social center.

Let's all resist the rise of corporate power.

Start groups against global corporatisation, against human rights abuses, against environmental abuses, against racism, against privatisation, against the arms trade, agsint fascism, against the private finance initiative, against mistreatment of asylum seakers, agsaint the the IMF, World Bank and WTO, against war, and against everything that's fucked up about today's world.


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