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Malaga: Nico Sguiglia has a chance to stay in Spain

no one is illegal | 10.02.2002 20:41

Expulsion order against noborder activist from Malaga might be stopped - keep the faxes going!

We have some good news about the Campaign for Nico Sguiglia in Malaga. People from Spain wrote that his expulsion order might be stopped:
"Well after days of stress, the weekend arrived and rhythms slow down, till friday morning things didn't look too well, but on friday evening, we had some non-official informations that assure that Nico might not be deported, and that his expulsion order might be annulled, nothing is sure jet, and the lawyers continue working, we'll continue
with media pressure during the week, and let see how things turn out, but at least, we feel more confident about the work done. thanks to everybody."
So nothing's sure, but things look positive. Let’s keep the flow of faxes going!
This campaign is important at the present political situation in the Spanish state. The minister of interior is waging an all out war aginst social movements, especially now that big mobilisations against the spanish presidency of the EU are being prepared.
We can at least show them that an international audience is watching – Nico’s case is only the tip of the iceberg.
In the fax campaign (click on the world page on imc uk, then on the fax campaign link in the feature about Nico’s expulsion, or go directly to: ) you find model faxes in English and Spanish. Please customise them according to your own concerns. If you can't fax, use the email.
Would be good to fwd your messages also to the Spanish mainstream media – they seem to be very interested in the issue and can put pressure on the government.

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