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London Social Center supports Campaign for noborder activist

no one is illegal | 10.02.2002 20:25

A new social center in london supports the campaign to stop the expulsion of a noborder activist from Spain

“It’s essential not only to do big actions for outside, but also to understand physically with all your senses how the paranoid capitalist machine works in a border regime”
(Nico, talking about motivation for the border camp in Tarifa)

A New Social Center in London has dedicated yesterday night's party to the campaign to stop the deportation of Nico Sguiglia, a noborder activist from Malaga/ Lots of people were crammed into that friendly, pink and orange and glittery place, the bar, the kitchen, the library, the chill out area/ They collected money which will go straight to Malaga, and everybody signed a greeting card for Nico/
If the Spanish Government really decides to deport him to Spain next Friday, it won’t go unnoticed – people will find ways to make their voices heard/
If you collect money and don’t know how to get it to Spain, or need mor information, get in touch with

no one is illegal
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