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Stop Bush and Blair's War Demo March 2nd

stopwar | 06.02.2002 00:08

Details for the upcoming Stop The War march in London.

Stop Bush and Blair's War Demo March 2nd
Stop Bush and Blair's War Demo March 2nd

I don't know about you, but I am just SICK TO DEATH with Bush's arrogant death-mongering jingoism. This sick fuck is a threat to world stability and is going to get us all killed.

It's time we really stood up to Bush's warmongering and Blair's complacency in allowing the US to terrorise half the planet. Demonstrate like you've never demonstrated before on March the 2nd. Non-violent civil disobedience should also remain an option.

On November 18th, 2001, we got some 100,000 people to demonstrate in London. That was then. Now the situation is all the more drastic, and the need to demonstrate all the more urgent.


Make it absolutely, unequivocally, clear that the British public does not support Bush's jingoistis agenda in terrorising half the planet.

Everybody, bring along just one or two more people than you did last time. Let's do it! People's lives are at stake - and so is the safety of the planet itself.

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Why play the numbers game?

06.02.2002 01:30

Why keep playing the numbers game?
Do you really believe that if 150,000 people marched on the streets of London that Bush and Blair would realise the error of their ways and call off their war on terrorism?

Instead of encouraging people indulge in pointless passive ritualised protests where they are targetted by the recruiting sergants of the various lefty sects - wouldn't it be more useful for people to take some more direct action towards dismantling the war machine?

different drummer


06.02.2002 13:34

I agree, it is silly to keep playing the numbers game. No, I don't think that Bush and Blair will 'see the errors of their ways' and stop waging war on half the planet. I do, however, think that 150,000 people is enough to put serious political pressure on Blair - especially since he is so desperate to be seen to be 'the peoples' Prime Minister.

I also agree that direct action has a role to play - as I said in the post, non-violent civil disobedience should not be ruled out.

in solidarity,