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Book Recommendation

Ronnie I | 05.02.2002 17:31

The Memoirs of Victor Serge 1901- 1941 are compelling reading. If you find yourself fluctuating between various ideologies, you are not alone.

Victor Serge perhaps holds the record for the number of revolutions played a prominent part in, and to have survived them too. His astonishing memoirs (my edition published by Oxford Uni in the 1960s, the days when students read such things) will bring endless insights, warnings, and solace to anyone stuck in the central dilemma.
Namely: join the Communists, and risk centralising your structures to such an extent you destroy it and put a didctator there instead, Or: join the anarchists, and risk DE-centralising your structures to such an extent you can't hold onto power, so it fizzles out in un-co-ordinated riots and some other force sets up a dictatorship anyway.

Ronnie I


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