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Bush and Blair for Nobel Peace Prize?!?!?

BBC News | 05.02.2002 15:49

Bush and Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, seriously. Vote yourself on BBC news online.

This morning, the percentages were 92% against, 8% for. A few hours later, it's 60%, 40% - so I strongly suspect some rigging going on. Anyway, case your vote on-line by following the link:

BBC News


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Nobel Prize Judges Linked to Dilbert ?

05.02.2002 16:11

Soviet contacts in the 1980s . The junk-bond scheme to take over the bank of Andorra. The Dilbert story is rapidly becoming clearer. When the full extent is known, Bush and Blair will stop laughing, thats for sure. Every day now, more details about this man's plans are appearing in the newspapers. It not fictitious by any means ! After all, who could make this up ?


Bush and Blair for Nobel price???!!?

05.02.2002 23:17

It's a discraceful irony that two people that have caused so much bloodshed should be nominated for a award of peace.

Where does in say in Nobel's criteria for the peace prize that a warload can be nominated?

What f***ing world allows things like this to happen?

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A sick irony: Bush, Blair: Nobel peace prize!

05.02.2002 23:26

Whats the world coming to.

Where does it say in Nobel's criteria for the peace prize that you have to KILL people to get considered for it.

Call me naive, but I thought that the defination of *PEACE* was *NOT* dropping bombs randomly over another country and blowing people up, or am I wrong?

If they win, then the Nobel peace prize is just another FARCE!

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Look at who can nominate...

06.02.2002 13:13

The criteria for the Peace Price are ok. They are all about promoting peace and demilitarising the world.

However, what is interesting is who can nominate people for the peace price. It is the nobel peace price committe, former recipients (including people like Kissinger) and most interestingly members of the Norwegian parliament.

And the loony guy that nominated the two genocidal maniacs is an MP in Norway. And of course, he is from the Progress Party which is a racist party with a very peculiar world view. Hopefully, they will not get the price (and I don't think they will), but it will probably go to someone "neutral" like it did last year and the year before that.

Midnight Moron