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21 spent fuel rods en route from Germany to Sellafield

Nuke watcher | 05.02.2002 12:11

Three containers with 21 spent nuclear fuel rods have started their journey from Germany to Sellafield in northern England.

They were trucked six kilometres from Neckarwestheim nuclear power station to a conventional power station at Walheim to be transferred to railcars. Police said only six demonstrators protested peacefully at the roadside. 500 police guarded the shipment. On Wednesday the containers are to move on to Wörth in Rhineland-Palatinate state where they're to join up with more nuclear waste containers. It was not known from which station or stations these were, but north Germany was mentioned. The journey to Sellafield is to start Wednesday afternoon. Five transports of waste are to roll out of Neckarwestheim this year. A spokesman for the Gemeinschaftskernkraftwerk Neckar (GKN) operating company says all 12 containers will go to Sellafield.

Nuke watcher


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