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Free Inventions for Africa - Down With Patents!

Asame Imoni Obiomah | 05.02.2002 09:38

Black Science Forum (BSF) is a group of science activists. We employ radical methods to bring technological development to the Black World...

I am writing on behalf of Black Science Forum (BSF -

BSF is a serious group of scientific "doers". We are a group formed to bring the benefits of technology tailor-made for the Black World to the doorstep of the Black Person.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality technology and it’s fruits, economic opportunities and ease of menial tasks.

Since current patents are too expensive, we offer free inventions! This kill's their patent worth with the effect of tremendous cost savings and vastly improved availability.

To date, we have quite a few inventions and projects (in an ever growing list), ready to be taken up by Black People across the Globe.

We also provide a place where Black scientists can meet, share ideas, support one another; a place where the Black science mind - unutilised at home and looked down on abroad - can thrive feeling a sense of worth, belonging and achievement.

The focus of BSF is to encourage scientific confidence in the Black World, we are willing to get our hands dirty teaching technology to local crafts persons, while practising what we preach:

1. Publishing scientific ideas
2. Publicising and making Afro centric technologies available
3. Organising technology workshops for kids and students
4. Partnering with other constructive charities who are willing to do practical production work on the ground
5. In the near future, setting up a kids section of the website to raise early interest in science
6. Providing a meeting place and support for science minded Blacks and students
7. Liasing with and where necessary, setting up Local Community self help groups
8. Liasing with Black science research institutes and educational bodies
9. Ease the acquisition of technology by bypassing patent laws**

**Black Nations depend mostly on expired patents for outdated technologies, as licences are expensive. However, even this is threatened as the new patent laws have extended the expiry time from five years to twenty.

Asame Imoni Obiomah
BSF - Confidence in Black Abilities

Asame Imoni Obiomah
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05.02.2002 12:13

Most important to counter the inbalances this society produces, the history of Black inventors was hidden for years.

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