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somali | 04.02.2002 11:08 produces excellent coverage of US terrorist attacks on one of the world's poorest countries.

Washington, the axis of evil, supported by the stupid american people, is planning to decimate Somalia. It is employing Hussein Aideed, the son of the man the US wanted to kill in the early 1990s, to overthrow the transitional national government (TNG). This, and other facts hidden by the western media, is available on

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"Stupid American people"?

04.02.2002 21:59

Slagging off the American population ain't going to help anybody. If anyone is going to stop this increasingly horrifying war it will be the American people. They're being misled and manipulated at the moment (as are the british people among others), but they'll come around to that eventually.

we don't need enemies, we need allies. Simply slagging off ordinary people who have been convinced by the corpoprate media that this "War on Terror" is the solution to the problem ain't going to stop the slaughter. We need to reach out to these people and show them that our solution is both morally better and more likely to work.

Disillusioned kid
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