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Rebel March in Porto Alegre (WSF)

rebel | 01.02.2002 17:33

Yesterday Thursday 31st Jan, during the official 50.000- strong WSF demo a group of 600 people broke away from the main demo to squat an abandoned building.

A group of 600 demonstrators carrying shields broke away from the front line of the official demo and organised an anti-capitalist march heading for an empty building in order to squat it. The building, that is located in the centre of PA, was swiftly occupied by a group of protesters while another group remained outside the building to run a road blockade. The police turned up immediately demanding the evacuation of both building and road but the demonstrators decided to remain inside the building to check its condition while the other group was outside forming a barrier of shields to protect the people inside the house. A policeman on a motorbike ran across the shields barricade and nearly knocked down some demonstrators. After a brief confrontation with the police, the activists decided to clear out of the road and march towards the acampamento da juventude where a meeting was held. The Rebels March group is holding another meeting today in the acampamento da juventude.



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