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Breaking News Reports From WEF in NY

imc uk | 01.02.2002 11:05

Anti-WEF in New York : Breaking News Section Also see: IMC New York: IMC NY Breaking News Section:

Monday 04.02.02:

The demonstrations and protests have continued today. More than 2.000 people marched towards Enron headquarters called by Another World Is Possible, whilst another group of protesters also took the streets in downtown NY. Police surrounded them for several hours in 6th Avenue.

9:23pm EST Over 50 activists have begun staging jail solardarity outside of the 100 Centre St. prison. Donations of food and blankets are needed. Read more.

8:30pm EST - Confirmed reports of several arrests this afternoon, even though the demostrations have been completelly peaceful. Unconfirmed number of people have been snatched out from the crowd by the police.a Read a first-hand account from one released protester.

8:00pm EST - Confirmed report of 2 IMC volunteers still in jail in NY. Some people have gathered outside the court house in solidarity.

3:32pm EST - Demonstrators continue taking the streets in New York. Around 2.000 people are pacefully taking part on an Another World is Possible march near Central station. Police presence is once more increasing in the streets downtown NY. 200 people protesting against Arthur Anderson and Enron coorporations, are currently surrounded by 500 riot police on 6th Avenue between 55th and 57th streets. Report. Photos 1 | 2

10:30am EST - An estimated 7.000 people participate in another netstrike action and shut down the WEF official website once again.

Sunday 03.02.02:

Repression Continues in New York - 87 Arrests

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence "brisk stroll" around the East Village was quickly met with unprovoked police violence. Later an animal rights march was also violently broken up with more arrests. In total today there have been 72 arrests, according to the People's Law Collective. Two Indymedia reporters were arrested while reporting on the events as the crackdown on dissent continues.

Reports from both events + pics: 87 Arrested in NY as cops attack protestors again
Statement from 25 women arrested today.
Report + Pics: NYPD throw apparently unconscious man into bus
Several Audio Reports: here

(For a roundup on yesterdays protests scroll down)

=====BREAKING NEWS======

Police Commissioner Kelly reported 87 arrests in the East Village this afternoon. Reports of additional arrests after police split and blocked an Animal Liberation rally this afternoon continue to filter in (no exact numbers yet).

6:11pm EST It has been reported that there are mass arrests taking place at the Animal and Earth Liberation march however the exact location is unknown. There are at least 4 buses with individuals inside but the exact numbers are unknown.

5:57pm EST At the Coalition for Animal and Earth Liberation it has been reported that windows were broken at 188 76th St.. The building is associated with Steven Inc., a company that conducts animal testing. Individual reporters have been arrested and there is a report that they have been specifically targeted. The march was split up by police - their status is uncertain.

5:23pm EST The police press conference scheduled today was postponed due to an inability to secure a space. It will be postponed until tomorrow. For more information call 917.374.7087.

5:21pm EST There are 30 protesters are pinned in at 63rd and 2nd Ave. The group of 300-400 demonstrators from earlier have been split by police. 4:38pm EST It has been reported that 75 arrests occured at the St. Marks location and that one of the individuals arrested was an elderly woman.

4:36pm EST At 76th St. and 5th 300-400 demonstrators have converged and are now walking for Animal Liberation March which the cops are allowing. It has been reported that there are police photographing the protesters as they are marching.

3:57pm EST It has been reported by the People's Law Collective that 72 arrests have been confirmed so far today.

3:56pm EST The NYPD will hold a press conference at the 17th Precinct, 167 E 51st (on 3rd Avenue) at 5:00pm. There has been no anouncement of what they will say. Only permanent NYPD press credentials will be honored.

3:36pm EST It has been reported that the Police Chief has stated that the individuals arrested will be released and brought back to E. 12th St. and 3rd. A press conference will be held at 6p at the St. Marks Church and the police will issue a statement at 5pm.

3:27pm EST Outside 13th they are still arresting there 3 buses, there is an individual in a large puppet costume who just appeared and has not yet been arrested. The legal advisor Ron Kuvy is out on the street. There are still cops everyhwere and marching in a formation south down 2nd.

3:06pm EST It has been reported that Greg Roberts and Independent Media reporter from Atlanta has been arrested. There 6 minivans, 2 helicopters overhead and it appears to be 15 police officers on scooters on 15th ave. On the NE corner on the rooftop there are 10 cops. Apparently, the police are arresting targets it has been reported.

3:00pm EST It has been reported that several city buses with cops, 20 arrested and cops are blocked by a 2-block area, several people they are not letting out of the area.

2:52pm EST It has been reported that Warcry has also been a specific target of arrest and was violently taken down before arrested.

2:43pm EST Reports that an unconcious protester has been taken to a bus and is receiving no medical attention.

2:38pm EST It has been reported that Mayor Bloomberg and the Chief of Police are in casual clothes observing the scene. And there are NY Police standing on all the rooftops and videotaping the scene.

2:34pm EST The police are calling to clear the streets near 12th st. Massive numbers of police (undercover, riot, marching in formation) several helicopters and busses.

2:34pm EST At east 12th and 4th the police have surrounded a two block area. There are estimated 200 police and more police coming.

2:32pm EST Report that Sherman from was singled out yesterday for carrying a red and black flag and is still reported to be in jail.

2:32pm EST Reports that there are two groups of people that have been arrested: one group marching on the east side of 12th, a second group playing drums on the west side. members of both groups have been arrested.

2:26pm EST An arrestee is having trouble breathing. It has been reported that there are individuals doing a spiral dance down near 12th st.

2:23pm EST It has been confirmed that Justin Lispon and IMC reporter has been arrested while video taping the demonstration.

2:21pm EST There are estimated 30 police vehichles and 5 people being arrested. There are hundreds of onlookers and about 10 people playing drums.

2:09pm EST 13th and 3rd SE corner there has been reported approximately 30 arrests.

2:07pm EST 6 people on 3rd ave and 12th cornered by a building. Police marching towards them and video taping them.

2:04pm EST March started to go North up to 12th Police attacked with billy clubs and throwing protesters to the ground. It has been reported that the convergence was peaceful and obeying all laws.

1:57pm EST A reporter on the IMC web stream was ordered to hang up his phone.

1:51pm EST 10-15 people are under arrest and are being taken into a paddy wagon after stopping traffic on 2nd Avenue. More riot police are arriving.

1:50pm EST People's Law Collective reports that 23 detainees were held in a bus last night for over twelve hours with no food or water. There are at least 20 other detainees. There was one release last and one this morning.

1:48pm EST Police have moved in very agressively against the peaceful crowd, injuries are reported and arrests are being made.

1:46pm EST The Police are now trying to keep up with the demonstrators but are unable to pinpoint. One police officer was overheard saying, lock them up so that we can go watch the game."

1:41pm EST There are multiple groups of 50 or more protesters and smaller groups of 5-10 converging at the meeting place for the anti-capitalist convergence march or "walk".

1:01pm EST There have been reports of abuses inside jails.

12:44pm EST Confirmed reports that there are 10 vans of NY Police, 2 paddywagons, 3 unmarked police cars and wandering press staked out at Cooper Union waiting for the ACC convergence scheduled today at 1:00p

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) reports that February 2nds march resulted in 50 arrests. Of those 50, 10 have been released. NLG claims that most detainees are being charged with "unlawful assembly," even though they were participating in a permitted march.

The Anti-capitalist Convergence (ACC) announced it will be converging at 12:30pm today, on St. Marks Place for "a brisk stroll around the neighborhood." The stroll will begin at 1:00 and will include... music.

Saturday 02.02.02:


After a small number of unwarrented arrests, thousands of people (20,000 in total?) took to the streets in a variety of legal (permitted) and illegal marches. See in depth reports 1 2

Things started in high spirits with two main marches, an RTS style event and the Another World Is Possible (AWIP) march. With huge puppets and banners the two groups of thousands of merged together, their combined numbers being more than 8000, with many still yet to arrive.

The peaceful nature and carnival atmosphere (pic) of the crowd who were now preparing to march to the Astoria hotel (a legal route, with action designation as green ie no violence, no poperty destruction) was soon challenged as police aggresively and violently moved in to try and seperate elements of the crowd. Riot police used batons and pepper spray (and later gas) to try and isolate those wearing black and red as arrests started to be made. Yet again 'zero tolerance' policing tactics mean repressive 'no protest' tactics. Sections of the crowd resisted being pushed towards waiting police buses and many people had excessive force used against them.

The police backed off and the march was able to continue, however the tone had been set for the day. As the march got near to the Astoria hotel riot police again began a series of interventions against the legal route, blocking the path of the protest and trying to split the crowd (memories of Mayday anyone?) Arrests were now being made in several locations and the progress of the march was slowed as police tried to channel it into tighter spaces. As things fragmented several groups of protestors became seperated and blocked in different areas. By now it was clear that despite the peaceful nature of the protestors police had their own plan to divide, detain and demoralise the protestors. Surveillance filming and wholesale photographing of demonstrators was also the order of the day and not just for those arrested (pic). As people departed the arrest total stood at 40 with many of these being under unprovocked circumstances.

In Munich, Germany, those demonstrating at the anti-NATO protests recieved similar but harsher treatment with over 700 arrested. Just like New York peaceful demonstrators were attacked and arrested by riot police. Through all of this repression however the protestors remained determined and defiant, ready to take to the streets to bring attention to, and take action on the issues.

=====BREAKING NEWS======

9:06pm EST According to a report from the Peoples Law Collective there have been 40 arrests, at this stage it looks like they are mostly minor charges.

8:41pm EST We have received a report that Approx 200 people performed a spiral dance, meditated and sang at Grand Central station. The police surrounded and threatened the group and repeatedly asked them to stop. Eventually the police waited for the group to complete their ritual. At this point nobody else remains.

7:55pm EST Protestors have been allowed to leave in groups of ten. We have received a report that nobody is now left at 46th and park.

7:46pm EST Those arrested are still in Grand Central. Please call the police at 212 340 2480 and ask that the people get released without charges.

7:30pm EST A transgender person (ftm) was arrested for using the mens bathroom. Two other people were also arrested as they tried to protect him.

7:23pm EST we have received a report that at 46th and park there are approximately 200 people, surrounded by barricades and police. They are not able to leave other than single file. A legal observer said a few people are being picked off for arrest as they attempt to leave.

7:18pm EST there is a pagan festival occuring grand central subway station. there are many police in attendance also.. so i guess its a pagan pig party..

6:39pm EST Reports of a small group in the region of 46th and park, police are following them.

6:11pm EST It is confirmed that negotiations with police have resulted in the peaceful exit of the dragon from the scene.

6:10pm EST According to reports negotiations are currently underway to allow the peaceful protestors south of 48th join the smaller legally 'sanctioned' march north of that point.

6:08pm EST According to reports, the group of protestors south of the 'sanctioned' march are currently stopped at 48th and Park and unable to leave north or south. Approximately 5000 police outnumber the protestors and are taking a lot of videotape of the protestors.

5:49pm EST The police have opened barriers at 47th and park and connected the two pens at 47th and 48th on park, the crowd is now diminishing, apparently due to frustration caused by the divide and rule police tactics that may have broken the momentum for the march in the cold air. the dragon may have left the cage.

5:40pm EST unconfirmed reports that the protestors are trying to break the barrier at 47th and Park, this is also the last known location for the dragon

5:23pm EST according to unidentified police reports, police are looking for a dragon at 47th and park..

5:06pm EST allgedly march has been divided at 46th and park, the much larger group, south and east along 46th are not being allowed to join the 'sanctioned' march north of that point along park

4:48pm EST The Peoples Law Collective reports thirty confirmed arrests.

4:42pm EST according to reports, police are forcing protestors into a two person wide channel and taking photos of protestors as they pass through

4:32pm EST the united march currently stretches along 46 from 2nd to park and three blocks up park, trying to go west, and appears to be blocked at this time

4:18pm EST Reportedly, there are now three marches in the vicinity of the Waldorf: one contingent stretches 10 blocks up Lexington, and is estimated at 20,00 people. A second contingent has been separated from the main group. International ANSWER is marching as well, and was last counted at 2000 people.

4:06pm EST According to reports, several hundred people have been separated from the march. The marchers have turned around, hooked back up with protesters, and are proceeding forward again.

4:04pm EST Unconfirmed reports that the Black Bloc has knocked over some barriers at 46th & 3rd and the situation has become intense.

3:58pm EST The Black Bloc has begun to knock over barriers at 46th street and 3rd Ave. The situation is very very tense.

3:58pm EST Marchers are stuck on 46th St. between Park and Madison. Police are blocking off both avenues.

3:56pm EST Billy Bragg is now performing on Park Avenue between 47th and 48th.

3:53pm EST Unconfirmed reports that there have been 72 arrests in the course of the day.

3:49pm EST As marchers have begun to approach the Waldorf, on 46th street reports are that it is blocked in on both sides between Madison and Park.

3:41pm EST The marches have begun to converge at the Waldorf-Astoria. The scene is still being described as very calm. AWIP / RTS has begun to march west on 46th st.

3:34pm EST Reports from 48th street are that the scene of the march here is largely calm.

3:34pm EST Police holding people back from the West of Park Avenue. It has been estimated that there are 25,000 demonstrators in the streets of NYC.

3:30pm EST At 56th & 5th Avenue it has been reported that 4 or 5 people have been arrested including an elderly man and a woman's head is being pushed into the pavement.

3:30pm EST The march has now grown to a point that marchers are negotiating with police for more space on the street.

3:18pm EST Dozens of arrests are reported at Columbus Circle and throughout the city. Confirmed reports that the police have been making targeted arrests and using excessive force.

2.15 EST Multiple police arrests outside Plaza Hotel. Confirmed reports that pepper spray and excessive police force were used when targeting protesters. The march was temporarily blocked but it is now continuing. Audio Reports 1 | 2

1.50 EST The march around 59th and 5th (the southeast corner of Central Park) has a festive atmosphere although police presence is increasing. Video

1.45 EST A dozen people have been arrested at Columbus Circle.

1.07 EST The Reclaim the Streets (RTS) march has now joined up with Another World is Possible (AWIP). The joint marchers may number over 8000 people. They have begun the march on the Waldorf-Astoria. Audio reports 1 | 2 | Audio report.

11.30am Midd day report by IMC reporter.

11.24am There have been unconfirmed reports that there has been one arrest near Columbus Circle. Reasons for the arrest are unclear. Pics and report. Prior to the arrest, three cars loaded with puppets were ticketed for "obstucted vision in a vehicle."

9.50am Police have reportedly arrested at least two people for wearing masks at a rally at 52nd and Park.

Early morning solidarity banner drop above motorway in Oakland, CA (pic)


Friday 01.02.02:

The day before protests begin in earnest saw the counter-conferences in full swing, with the national Students for Global Justice conference attracting over 1000 since it began on Thursday. Many more activists have gathered at the Public Eye on Davos summit near the United Nations building (photo).

Amidst continuing police harassment on the streets the NYCLU criticised the police for their overly confrotational tone in preparing for the protests. New York's 'Civilian Complaint Review Board' agreed to stay open on saturday to deal with police misconduct complaints. Meanwhile the official WEF website is still out of action for a second day running after several online actions (see Thursday reports for details).

Solidarity actions were seen in several countries across the world including Switzerland (home of the WEF). In Lausanne around 80 people marched through the streets carrying brooms to sweep away WEF and stopped to protest outside a swiss bank, the post office hq (which is to be privitised) and a MacDonalds. In Davos (WEF hq) the authorities gave a grant for a demonstration - to only one person! The 79 year old local councillor, was permitted to demonstrate on Saturday between 13 and 16.30 o'clock in Davos along a proscribed route, while sympathizers were barred from participating. In Zurich 2000 people gathered for an anti-WEF demonstration, also in solidarity with the anti-NATO protests in Munich. By around 9.20pm the police dispersed the demonstration using tear gas and water cannon. A Roles Royce garage, newspaper office and several cars were damaged, either smashed or graffitied (no confirmation on the number of arrests). Meanwhile in Munich itself riot police made around 250 arrests after they surrounded the peaceful crowd of 2000 after a press conference - see Munich Breaking News.


Arrests made at attempt to Reclaim Charis Community Space. Charis (sp?) had been community centre for 22 years. It was recently bought out and shut down. At around 10.30pm EST, 40 people participated in an impromptu action to reclaim it, but police were on the scene within seconds and arrested four people.


Also in the early evening around 1500 people gathered for a pagan inspired celebration / vigil with chanting and drumming to mark the official start of the larger actions tomorrow. Photos


In the early evening The Not With Our Money Coalition protested against the privatisation of prisons at the 'Four Seasons' where Elton John was performing to a very select crowd of only 200 WEF delegates during a Lehman Brothers-sponsored concert.


Late afternoon saw more protests outside the clothing retailer GAP after yesterdays 1000 strong union demo, with activists demonstrating against the corporate practices of logging old-growth redwood forests. Eighty police were on duty. when protestors wheeling sections of logged trees arrived they were mobbed by corporate media. There was also a protest against Remy Cointreau's abuse of Haitian plantation workers (pics).
Report 1 (+ 8 Pics) : Report 2 : Pic


The remaining ACTUP protestors arrested before a banner drop were released this morning after 21 hours in jail.


Thursday 31.01.02:

Around 1000 union members and other protest outside GAP on 5th Avenue, showing solidarity with 3rd world workers that are exploited by US corporations.
Video Photo 1 2 *new: Report+12pics


7 activists from aids group ACTUP were arrested for trespass just before a banner drop.
Report Photo


WEF website becomes unavailable at 10.30 am NY time due to various Netstrike Actions.


Early morning protests occur just around the corner from the WEF building. FOE protestors decide not to meet WEF representitives but to protest outside. Members of Falun Gong the chinese spiritual movement also protest.
Report (including photos) Photos 2



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