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Faslane Big Blockade - 11th 12th 13th Feb

sane | 30.01.2002 14:30 | Peace not War

Block 'n' Roll! - the BIG Blockade 2002
Three days of protest and nonviolent action at Britain's nuclear weapons base. Called by Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND, British CND and Faslane Peace Camp

11th to 13th February 2002
The BIG Blockade 2002

Phone the Action Line for more information on 0845 458 8361 (local rate) or e-mail

On Monday 11th February we will begin with a mass blockade of the Faslane base from 7am.

On Tuesday 12th join the jericho rumpus with din and mayhem from 10am. Bring drums, whistles and drum up a storm of protest to bring down the fence!

On Wednesday 13th, the invitation to a valentine's ball at noon goes to all those who love this planet and are willing to dress up to prove it.

And there'll be nonviolent direct action everyday!

Make Sane Faslane!

All of Britain's nuclear weapons are based at Faslane on the Clyde, thirty miles north of Glasgow. Every day one of the Trident missile submarines is at sea ready to unleash its nuclear missiles on cities thousands of miles away.
Trident pollutes the environment with radiation, is poised to kill millions of civilians and is outlawed by international humanitarian law.

Yet despite promises to engage in multilaterial disarmament the government has not got rid of Trident. We cannot shrug our shoulders and walk away. We have to do what we can to prevent this monstrous crime.

Over the past year there have been two huge sit-down blockades of the Faslane Trident base. Thousands of people took part to peacefully close the base for a total of over twelve hours and over five hundred people were arrested.
On 11th - 12th - 13th February come and join us for three days of rolling protest and nonviolent action at the Trident base. You can come for three days or just a part of one.

You can take part in the blockades by sitting in the gateways to close the base nonviolently or you can come and give vital support without risking arrest.

We want to keep the peaceful and respectful ethos that has been so effective at the major blockades and we are asking everyone to take part in a nonviolence workshop.

You can blockade at any or all times during the three day period - the above times are just to provide a focus for those wishing to blockade with many others. There'll be overnight accommodation close to Faslane from Saturday 9th to Thursday 14th Feb.

Get ready now!

Join with your friends to form an affinity group
Start making plans
Contact us for nonviolece training
Or take part in a two-day Trident Ploughshares Pledger's workshop.

Big Blockade Briefing at:

Legal briefing at:

For a briefing/leaflets/posters/info about transport/meetings and workshops in you area/to help publicise this event - call the Action Line on 0845 458 8361 (local rate) or e-mail or by post to The Big Blockade Team, Scottish CND, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow G41 1QH.


Trident Ploughshares


Scottish CND

Faslane Peace Camp



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