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Who is Tony Gosling?

Name and Shame the Enemy! | 22.01.2002 15:06

Tackling individuals and institutions/organisations who are trying their utmost to destroy the potential for revolutionary overthrow of the entire ediface of the State and Capital. Those enemies of change in particular who are masquerading as 'radical' must be faced up to and challenged.

Who is Tony Gosling?

Tony Gosling the Oxbridge Graduate, Conspiracy Therorist, with links to far right groups on his web site, is no bumbling, eccentric fool. Tony Gosling, acquaintance of the ruling class George Monbiot (defender of the Strong State and Small Business- a la Mussolini) is attempting to replicate his old oxford chum’s dubious notoriety.

Gosling has received money from the Daily Mail Group, which controls the majority of media in Britain, to do a research/info slot for the Bristol Radio station GWR. Gosling was given the money to recruit ‘activists’ to cover activity that would br detrimental to these same powerful interests!

Gosling writes articles about the ‘secret state’ and other ‘secretive bodies’ like the Mason’s but refuses point blank (like his fellow liberal toffs) to questionthis society. Anyone who actually questions the fundementals or takes direct action against the very open State and Capitalist interests, he goes out of his way to condemn or branch into his ‘agents of the secret state’ nonsense.

The tendency when dealing with people like Tony Gosling is to dismiss them as harmless nutters. This misses the point and allows these liberal professional confusers to spread misinformation, create paranoia and undermine any radical questioning. These people are as old as the state. There role has always been to undermine revolutionaries and revolution itself.

Tony’ latest job is to work as PR for the Police. He is part of a band of liberal/accountable State guilt trippers who visit Police Stations in order to check that the cops are abiding Central Government regulation’s. No questioning of the existence of the oppressive State apparatus, no objection to the thousands of people cramming the prison’s. This ties in nicely though with his enthusiastic support for the so-called ‘ex’- MI6 agent Shayler, who according to Tony ‘just wanted to fight the real terrorists and was let down by his colleagues’. Good old Shayler just wants to ‘democratise’ the forces of the State.

So who is he? This man who works diligently to focus attention on liberal single issues while trying to disguise them as ‘radical’, a man whose main interest appears to be a constant justification of the existing State Capitalist apparatus by pointing out ridiculous Bilderburg type meetings, while attacking anyone who attempts to ignore his inherently reactionary ideas. The man and the politics of reaction* that he represents should be given short shrift. By ignoring him and his ilk he will not go away, he must be challenged and faced down and the sooner the better!

*hat’s wrong with society according to their analysis is that the State is not Strong enough, we need more regulation. Small businesses should be supported for the National Economy as against foreign business (usually American) there is an international conspiracy of the multi-national’s (Jewish Conspiracy?). We must protect the State which is Captive to these interests (Monbiot) and the ‘rabble’ (read: majority of people/ the working class/ordinary people) must be kept in line they are undermining our efforts to protect the system by pointless protests and stupid conspiricies. Revolutionaries on the Streets of London and Prague etc are “ignorant of the issues” and are “inhuman thugs” (John Vidal).

Name and Shame the Enemy!


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22.01.2002 16:03

its a shame that the person who wrote this hasn't got the balls to put a name to this slanderous kind of makes what theyre saying irrelevant.

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who wrote this drivel?

22.01.2002 16:35

In case you're wondering - this tirade is almost certainly from London 'Class War' who I've been in communication with recently over Shayler's allegations that they were infiltrated by a Met. police officer.

Whoever wrote this rubbish Show your face cowards!
and thanks to a friend for letting me know about it!


Apart from the general trot style drivel -

Factual Inaccuracies.
1. I'm not an Oxford graduate
2. I publish FACTS on Bilderberg I'm not a conspiracy theorist
3. I have never worked for any part of the Daily Mail Group (but I did write an article on their takeover of Bristol's media and their links to the Nazis)
4. Recruit Activists? Who? Who for?
5. I question this society across every square inch of my website.
6. An ex BBC researcher and reporter I have been involved with organising nonviolent direct action myself for the last 10 years and support it's careful use.
7. I am not a "liberal professional confuser" I am doing my best to untangle the confusion in the world. Particularly when it comes tosecret state's interference in political pressure groups. Definately not a 'liberal'.
8. I have never spread misinformation - give me an example.
9. Custody Visitors are unpaid and there to pull up the police when conditions in cells slip below reasonable standards/people aren't getting their rights. They (we) were set up by lord Scarman after the Brixton Riots as an independent check on the police. We are the very opposite to police PR.
10. I met Shayler personally and am convinced he is genuine.
11. I have attacked no-one who?
12. I think the state is far too powerful and believe in much more local autonomy. Wrong again.
13. The rabble - far from being kept in line - are part of the solution which can only come from the bottom up. Wrong again.
14. The Bilderberg is not a jewish conspiracy - there are hardly any jews involved.

When you get up to speed.... Do you want to try again?

Tony Gosling
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- Homepage:

Gosling, where did you get my e-mail address?

22.01.2002 18:32

This Gosling character seems like a nutter to me. I'd never heard of the twat until I got an unsolicited e-mail from him a couple of weeks ago, pratling on about Shayler, etc. I replied to him, making it clear that I didn't know him or what the fuck he was going on about. I also stated that, for the record, I thought Larry O'Hara was probably right about Shayler still being some sort of spook. Regardless of his true agenda, his 'revelations' are worthless shit. He sent a reply implying I was some sort of spook! (see below). He is yet to explain how he got hold of my e-mail address.


Dear 'harry'

It might be a good idea to bring me in on the loop to help clarify things.

>Shayler talked about Class War in both his Punch column AND gave his
>opionions on us in the Hollingsworth book.
>On neither occasion does he make this claim about us being "propped up" when
>it would surely have been relevant to do so.

The fact that Shayler didn't mention it then doesn't mean he didn't say it
when he came to Bristol - he did

Equally the claim that Class
>War has collapsed is certainly news to all our members!

I myself got a circular saying that class war wouldn't be publishing the
newspaper anymore - the main activity (and to which I used to subscribe).
Class War has ceased to be the campaign it was and it is not unreasonable
to describe it as a collapse.

>Any casual observer of the Pepis article would believe these comments from
>Shayler are in Hollingsworths' book, especially as Pepis encourage us to
>read it so strongly.

The fact that Shayler doesn't mention this in his book is hardly a reason
not to recommend it.

hope that helps to clear things up


Dear Tony

I think you're confusing me with someone else. Don't know where you got my e-mail address from. I've never been
associated with the group Class War. Not sure what the mail you sent me was about.

For the record though, I basically agree with Larry O'hara's view of that tosser Shayler - completey untrustworthy
and probably still a spook. Most his 'revalations' are worthless shit, like him.



you should apply for a job with MI5

they'd like you



Are you under the impression you know me? Aparently someone in Class War uses the same name.

Anyway, can't be bothered with nutters like you! Fuck off!


Harry Roberts

Steady on!!!

22.01.2002 23:23

I don't think this site should be used to try and discredit people who have no serious power to protect them - no matter how much people might think they did this or did that. Those accusers might think Gosling is an MI6 plant but I see little in the way of evidence. Furthermore, what is wrong with engaging the state and its machinery of repression through observing prison conditions etc? Until we live in the post-anarcho revolution we all dream of I think you - whoever it was that wrote this slanderous piece - should shut up or grow up.

A viewer