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Mental Health: Help Requested

John Brookes | 12.01.2002 21:16

Manchester City Council are harrassing the mentally ill. A campaign, Justice for the Mentally Ill, has been formed to stop the council's immoral practices. The campaign has its own website and cyber petition. The Petition is at and more background even can be acquired at the campaign website

THE MENTALLY ILL ARE BEING HARRASSED in Manchester, UK. The City Council visit without any notification the mentally ill in their homes and probe them to get answers to a variety of benefit-related questions. These visits aggravate mental health conditions and cause great distress for the individuals concerned. Pressure has been put on Manchester City Council to cease this practice but hitherto they have refused. A campaign has been launched to persuade Manchester City Council to end of these un-notified visits immediately. To that end, there is a cyber petition which we would be grateful if you signed. YOUR HELP is needed wherever you live. Please Sign the Cyber Petition which can be found at Thanks Very Much. Justice for the Mentally Ill

John Brookes
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What goes around comes around

13.01.2002 12:12

Having been the recipient of harrassment from a mentally ill relative I can only say that it's about time they got a taste of their own medicine!!!


Association of Personality Disorders

14.01.2002 11:57

We will certanly check out your web site and we will give you what assistance we can.

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