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Together people

People together in the struggle for global ju | 30.12.2001 00:45

Together people

Together people
Together people

Do we want a world made up of McHospitals, McKindergardens,
McUniversities, McLibraries or...McCars.

We can stop them. Together people.

Selfdefense against corporate onslaught.

People together in the struggle for global ju


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going down

30.12.2001 01:03

yes but in Bradford people are being sent down for years for this sort of burning. Man or person the barricades, but be fucked over for it personally.We need a new kind of resistance - not angry destruction but something constructive and exposing the warfare tactics of the Elite

dwight heet

One for all and all for one

30.12.2001 14:04

Nelson Mandela sat 20 years in jail.
But look what he and his fellowmen achieved!

Britain is still a vicious imperialistic country.
The methods are scarcely refined.

Bradford(Sadford?), you decide for yourself.

All for one and one for all