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If it weren't for Globalise Resistance

hmm | 18.12.2001 02:19

SWP gone mad

Brussels gave the lie to all those who had proclaimed the death of the anti capitalist movement after 11 September. On the Thursday 130,000 trade unionists marched - so much for Blair's 'anarchist travelling circus' - the vast bulk from Belgium & France but with significant contingents from countries like Slovenia, Poland & Portugal. The British TUC contingent was made up of just 20 fulltimers who got a police escort to the march because the TUC were concerned about violence. If it had not been for Globalise Resistance there would have been no turn out from the UK.

The first paragraph from the latest SWP notes proclaims no turn out from the UK if it hadn't have been from GR (the SWP). I don't want loads of people writting in to agree with this. I want to hear an explanation of this from someone in the party.



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