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Solidarity picket for belgium protestors

W@ | 14.12.2001 12:31 | Brussels

We have pre-emptively organised a solidarity picket
for monday outside the Belgium embassy to offer and
organise any support if the Anarchist demonstration on
Saturday 15th gets attacked by police. Please spread
as far and wide as possible. Bring flags [preferably black], drums, stereos, get the picture.

Monday December 17 4pm-6pm
Belgian Embassy

Demonstrations are taking place in Brussels, Belgium against the EU Summit in Laeken. Items up for discussion at this gathering of European leaders include the extension of the definition of "terrorism" to include anti-capitalist protesters.

Demonstrate at the Belgian Embassy in London from 4pm on Monday December 17th, against the suppression of our voices and for a better Europe.

Belgian Embassy/Consulate
103-105 Eaton Square
London SW1W 9AB
Tel: 020 7470 3700
Fax: 020 7259 6213
E-mail: info@belgium–
Web site:

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