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All day picket of Personnel Selection tomorrow Friday 7th

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign | 06.12.2001 22:34

All day picket of Personnel Selection tomorrow Friday 7th Dec.

The Simon Jones Memorial Campaign are organising an all day picket of Personnel Selection in Brighton this Friday (7th December). Personnel Selection are the employment agency that sent Simon to his death at Euromin's docks without making any checks - as they are obliged by law to do - as to how Simon's suitability for the work he was to do there.

Personnel Selection have their office in West Street just down from the clocktower. There will be a presence there all day from 9am, though we particularly need people in the afternoon. Please come along - if you know you can make it,
please ring us on 01273 685913 beforehand to confirm.

Come along for as little or as long as you can. Let's show this dodgy employment agency that their part in Simon's death has not gone unnoticed.

See you there!

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign 01273 685913

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign
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Let's Keep it Going!

07.12.2001 15:42

I've just been down to the picket in Brighton. It's going really well. Quite a lot of people there giving out leaflets, nice banner etc... (media there again - don't know whether that's good/bad/irrelevent). Lots of people walking past seemed really interested/supportive (including most of the people calling into the office who are signed up with the agency). It would be excellent if people could do action/pickets/whatever at Personnel Selection offices around the country. Post up to Indymedia if you are planning anything, or if you have any action reports. I'm sure there is a lot of relevent info on the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign web site ( and in last week's issue of Schnews (back issues on webstie: for any leaflets/press releases/anonymous statements that people would want to make.

Let's show them they can't get away with killing us!