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Interim Government

Oread Daily | 06.12.2001 21:43

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Thought you might find the make up of the new interim government in Afghanistan interesting. This is a provisional list of the 30-member interim administration approved by four Afghan delegations meeting in Bonn. The portfolios are followed by the names and, where known, their ethnicity and delegation affiliation. The Rome group refers to the exiles loyal to the former King Zahir Shah. The wrangling over who will fill the positions was continuing yesterday, with three still to be announced.

CHAIRMAN: Hamid Karzai (Pashtun). Rome group
Women’s Affairs: Sima Samar (Hazara). Rome group
Defence: Mohammad Qassem Fahim (Tajik). Northern Alliance
Planning: Muhammad Mohaqqeq (Hazara). Northern Alliance
Water and Electricity: Shaker Kargar (Uzbek). Northern Alliance
Finance: Hedayat Amin Arsala (Pashtun). Rome group
Foreign Affairs: Dr Abdullah Abdullah (Tajik). Northern Alliance
Interior: Younous Qanooni (Tajik). Northern Alliance
Commerce: Seyyed Mustafa Kazemi (Shia). Northern Alliance
Mines and Industries: Muhammad Alem Razm (Uzbek) Northern Alliance
Small Industries: Aref Noorzai (Pashtun). Northern Alliance
Information and Culture: Raheen Makhdoom. Rome group
Communications: Abdul Rahim (Tajik). Northern Alliance
Labour and Social Affairs: Mir Wais Sadeq. Northern Alliance
Hajj (Pilgrimage): Mohammad Hanif Hanif Balkhi (Shia). Independent
Martyrs and Disabled: Abdullah Wardak. Northern Alliance
Education: To be announced. Rome group
Higher Education: Sharif Faez. Northern Alliance
Public Health: Suhaila Seddiqi. (Tajik). Independent
Public Works: To be announced. Rome group
Rural Development: Abdul Malik Anwar. Northern Alliance
Urban Development: Abdul Qadir. (Pashtun). Northern Alliance
Reconstruction: Muhammad Amin Farhang. Rome group
Transport: Sultan Hamid Hamid
Return of Refugees: Enayatullah Nazeri. Northern Alliance
Agriculture: Seyyed Hussein Anwari (Shia). Northern Alliance
Irrigation: Mangal Hussein (Pashtun).
Justice: Abdul Rahim Karimi (Uzbek). Northern Alliance
Air Transport and Tourism: Abdul Rehman (Tajik). Rome group
Department of Border Affairs: To be announced. Rome group
Notorious Uzbek warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum has already said he has no use for the interim Afghani government set up yesterday, complaining his group has been treated unfairly. Sayed Ahmed Gailani, a Pashtun leader who participated in the Bonn talks, believes the new administration is not fully balanced. Mr Galiani, a supporter of exiled King Zahir Shah, said many Afghans who had led the fight against the Soviets had not been considered. And from Iran, sidelined warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar accused America of imposing a deal. "That puts in doubt the legitimacy of the authority which will emerge from this conference," Mr Hekmatyar said. Iran announced yesterday it supported the appointment of Hamid Karzai as the head of the interim government.
Meanwhile a three day Afghan women’s "summit" in Brussels concluded today with a call for the full restoration of civil rights for Afghan women. The summit issued a list of demands for Afghan women's rights in health, education, politics, suffrage and personal freedoms, including birth control, freedom from sexual harassment and forced marriage. The women, many of whom traveled from remote areas in Afghanistan or had been living in exile before the fall of the Taliban, welcomed Wednesday's agreement on a new interim administration for Afghanistan, but said that having just two women in the Cabinet was not enough. The women called for making all support to Afghanistan ``conditional on the rights and treatment of women,'' and called on the inclusion of women delegates to draw up a new constitution, expected to take place next year. The women also demanded they be included in the upcoming loya jirga, or grand assembly of tribal leaders, which is to meet next spring as part of the transition process. The declaration also highlighted the plight of refugees, 65 percent of whom are women and children, the summit said. The women called on the international community to provide greater assistance and security to help them return to their homes.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) remains one of the few, if not the only, grouping which wants to separate religion and state while building a secular democratic government.
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