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KARL | 06.12.2001 14:15

Who cencors articles?

I read an article that was on put on this site a few hours ago that suggested palestine did not exist as a palistinian state before the modern conflict. I don't know how true it was but it seems to have been removed.

Does anyone have some truth about the true history of this region that is not biased one way or another ?



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No Palestinian state

06.12.2001 14:45

No strictly speaking there was no Palestinian state as such. It was part of the British Empire, and before the First World war part of the Ottoman Empire. It became a British protectorate under the auspices of the League of Nations.

However this is not strictly relevant. The nation state is largely a product of capitalism it didn't exist 400 years ago. The state of Kenya didn't exist before British rule, but no one would argue that the people of Kenya don't have the right of self determination. The right to form there own state.


who decides?

06.12.2001 22:34

who decides what gets put up or taken down? i put a picture up the other day, then it dissapeared. i then tried to contact indy media through an e-mail address on the site and it got sent back. no complaints really, just interested.

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07.12.2001 11:30

Regarding pictures, many are not working because of server problems as you will see on the frontpage.

In terms of posts, there is a rough guideline to what is and what is not acceptable published at:
which is linked both from the frontpage and on the submission form page.

For note submissions are never deleted, they are hidden - which is a difference because it means you can see just what has been hidden.

You can see all articles and comments via the page which indicates if they have been hidden or not, those that have been hidden are still viewable NB this is linked from the above url and can be accessed at:

The people who may hide posts are those people who are invovled in the indymedia uk collective and who do the work, long hours volunteering to keep the sites up, they participate in the global indymedia network, answer emails etc etc Indymedia is based on the contributions and time of individuals.

I imagine this post will be hidden in a few days once it's had some time to be viewed as it's not news, but ok fair enough for people to see at the moment I'd say.

Myself I'd like to see the recent posts in the newswire from LB / D Brett that just talk about themselves or how others respond to their posts hidden because these people are using the newswire as a personal discussion board / self promotion site. The 'Add Comment' facility is for the discussion or slagging each other off, not the newswire itself.

NB if you email imc about your posts / pictures they should respond.

an imc bod
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07.12.2001 20:19

thankyou for the responding.
regarding the recent posts in the newswire from LB / D Brett, both should realize that the real enemy is capitalism, plain and simple. not religion or nationalism. the original post about 'palestinians' running the world was a witty aside/interpretation about the way a group of people act/work within the confines of this shit system that we live under.
i do not know either of the postee's, but judging by the verbal, maybe they should correspond privately or get together to scrap it out-such is the pointlessness of their verbal war on this site.
for the record, i believe that if sharron get's rid of arrafat or makes his position untenable then the whole area could kick off into a bloody civil war, which is something that no-one wants to see, apart from maybe the extremists of both 'parties'.

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