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Palestinians commiting genocide against Israel

Lewish | 05.12.2001 03:50

Palestinians commiting genocide against Israel 26 Israelis Murdered by the Terrorist Bands of Palestinians
In terrorist attacks committed by the terrorist Palestinians and its bands of killers, 26 Israelis were murdered. The victims were teenagers and older people.

The first attack occurred on Saturday night the 1st December in downtown Jerusalem. 2 Arab suicide bombers detonated bombs that they were carrying in the Ben Yehuda mall. The site that they chose to perpetrate their evil terrorist attack is a place where many young people congregate especially on Saturday nights after Shabbat. At the time the place was crowded with young people and their choice was not by accident. They wanted to kill as many people as possible and especially young people. Ten young people between the ages of 14 and 20 were killed and almost 200 were wounded in the blasts, many seriously.
This was not enough for the evil Arab terrorists. Shortly after the first explosions a car bomb was detonated nearby. The intention was to kill and wound others who came to the assistance of those injured in the initial attacks.

This cruel and evil attack in Jerusalem was not enough for the terrorists of Arafat. The young blood which was shed was insufficient for them. They wanted to see much more Jewish blood. About 10 hours later, they murdered another 15 Israelis and injured a further 38, again many seriously. This time, they murdered older people. 9 of them were in there 60s. In this attack the devil sent the Arab terrorist to explode his bomb on a crowded bus in the city of Haifa and to again murder innocent civilians because of the devil's traditional reason - simply because they were Jews. The bomb destroyed the bodies of the victims so badly that they could not even be identified. There is no limitation to the evil and cruelty of Yasser Arafat and his murderers.

On the same day another Israeli father was killed. He was a university professor who had driven to the area to pick up his son and on the way the murderers shot and killed him. After in initially wounding him they came to his car and again shot him to ensure that he was dead. The terrorists, who were later killed by the Israeli Army, carried the Quran in their pockets and in they had specifically marked the portion that stated that the Jewish People are a cursed people who should be hated. Again cruelty and evil with no limitation.

All this evil and cruelty comes from a deep and unlimited hatred against Israel and the Jewish People. In 7 wars that the Arabs which surround Israel on all side, together with the so-called Palestinians they have tried to destroy Israel and create another Holocaust - this time in Israel and the Promised Land. Between the wars, the so-called Palestinians, headed by the arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, have not stopped making terrorist attacks against Israel and mainly against civilians. More than 20,000 Israeli soldiers were killed in these wars and tens of thousands of Israeli civilians were killed and wounded. But they have not succeeded in achieving their evil and cruel goal.



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same thing happening to palestinians

05.12.2001 04:57

Isreal sends gunships and tanks to kill palestinians suspected of terrrorism. Women men and children get killed as a result, so suicide bombers run to isreali territories.
This tit-for-tat has gone along for the past 30 years, involving egypt, syria, jordan, lebanon and tens of thousands of deaths...The fact is that arafat is an ex-terrorist and sharon is a war criminal. They've fought against each other in Lebanon and probably hate each other more than we'll ever know. Therefore they are unfit to commit to any progressive agreements regarding palestine.

It's the same old news really, i read through the 70's and 80's and its not much different. Hell there was a war on terrorism in the 80's too... see where that went? Nevertheless, the UN carved isreal out of palestine, and the west and russia has historically supplied arms to all sides of the matter, therefore there should be a massive drive to arbitrate some sort of peaceful negotiations. I think it's just like Chomsky said, it will only get harder and harder as time progresses.



05.12.2001 09:31

Attempting to only represent one point of view is a simplistic analysis of events. The Israeli state is not the victims here, only ordinary people are – both Israeli and Palestinian people. Terror is what states engage in. The victims are normal people. Propaganda such as you’ve posted does not help analyse the situation only continue the lies.


Israel is like south africa

05.12.2001 11:51

what is this?
Israel reseves more aid and weapons hand out from the US than any country in the world, why, because the job of Israel is to carry out US policy in the middle east. in short that means serpressing the Arabs so the US (and EU) control oil from the middle east. That why it what set up and that why it continues.

Israel is an apartheid state as much as South Africa use to be. the wages, the education, the houses etc of the Palestines is much lower than the Israelis. they should be equal rights for everyone. but this will not happen because the state of Israel is a state based on racism. The Zionists use the racist horrors of the nazis to justify racist horrors againist Arabs.

If the killing was a numbers game the Arabs death have far outstriped Israel deaths, and the way peole dies is deferent one side uses stones, petrol bombs and some people have been bombers The other side has helcopers, tanks, missles, maybe this shows who is serpressing whom, I am sorry but it just is not equal violace.

the present Israel govenment are tring to topol Arafat policaly or by killing him. so that different groups will fight for the leadership of the Palestinians people. then they will go in for the final slaughter.

If the people of Israel want a lasting peace then they have got to stop the Govenment of Israel. get rid of the Zionists and grant equal rights to the Palestines. Like in south Africa nothing short of this will stop the killing on both sides.


Out of context

05.12.2001 11:57

This story has taken one side of the story completely out of context and is grossly unfair.

No-one is denying what the Palestinians are doing in Israel, however there is very little coverage on corporate networks of what we all know is happening to the Palestinians themselves, ie the systematic incursion and occupation of more and more Palestinian villages, or the imposing of laws after the latest suicide bomb that involve Palesinians being unable to even be on the streets.


Pot calls Kettle Black

05.12.2001 14:04

Israel is commiting genocide in Palestine. Maiming and killing, young and old. F-i6's retaliate against slings and stones, they murder all opposition and politicians and call it "counter-terrorism." Isn't fighting to end the illegal occupation of your country, where you are denied all rights, counter-terrorism too? If it looks like a terrorist and acts like a terrorist, Sharon IS a terrorist.


Israel is a racist state

05.12.2001 14:28

Here's a schnews article from when the current Israeli Prime minister / war criminal provoked the latest round of killing. Like the posting above says, Israel is a thoroughly racist state like apartheid south africa - an expansionist, murderous US backed military machine.

- Homepage:

in need of some education

05.12.2001 14:39

Anyone would think you are some CIA / US military sales man short of a few bucks for your Christmas bonus needing to wip up a little histeria. I'd certainly want to defend myself from 'a band of evil, cruel killers'. Then again, I wouldn't be part of any colonial occupation either (The Economist words, not mine!).......

I digress, maybe you are some hollywood movie producer or writer that has mistaken indymedia for some kind of pitch forum. I am sure you will find many like minded bigots in Hollywood and much of the worlds media which after all is mainly controlled by people of Jewish extraction.

Either one I can suggest that you may find work in Tibet - start an uprising and then sale arms to China to help crush them OR there has to be a feature film in their somewhere but Scorcese beat you to it.


jesse lujack
mail e-mail:

Palestinian struggle is no 'genocide'

10.12.2001 14:32

I've posted a lot lately challenging the 'global Jewish conspiracy' nonsense. But the claim that Palestinians or Arabs in general are engaged in 'genocide' is equally daft.

The state of Israel oppresses Palestinians. Palestinians are engaged in a struggle for national liberation, which we should support. Terrorism is a wrong tactic, which we should oppose. But when Israeli forces bomb Arab towns, that is also terrorism (with far more victims, in fact) and we should oppose that too.


oh but no

10.12.2001 14:39

Having said all that, Jesse's post is more 'Jewish conspiracy' nonsense. Mainstream media promote Israel's version of events because Israel is a 'stable, western-style democracy', in other words a strategic ally of US/UK imperialism. It's nothing to do with race or religion.


Palestinians committing genocide?

17.03.2004 01:31

That's a lot of baloney. It is Israel committing genocide against the Palestinians. ISRAEL IS A RACIST STATE.

JR Ortiz

Arab States Are Racist

09.09.2004 03:48

Arab states do not allow for Jews to move to Muslim nations or to practice their faith inside their boundaries. On the other hand, Israel has many Muslims and Christians who not only practice their faiths openly, but also have the right to vote and some are even members of the Israeli parliament!
You all need to rethink who the bad guys are here.
Do you really think all Palestinians should have Israeli citizenship? Would they want it? Would this make them stop attacking Israel. I don't think so.
Israel can't be a racist state unless it discriminates against its own citizens, which it clearly has not and never will.
So once again, I say to the Arab oppressors: LEAVE ISRAEL ALONE!!