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National Student Strike Dec 5

Trista di Genova | 04.12.2001 23:10

Forwarded Message about the National Student Strike Dec 5 in London

Students' National Day of Action
Students across the country will join together for a National Day of Action against the war. University and college groups
have been invited to organise by their preferred means of dissent. These will include lunchtime rallies, strikes, banner drops, vigils, free parties and direct action protest. This is aimed to coincide with the "Week of Action" called by the Stop the War
Coalition, and also with an International Student Strike that has been called for the same day.

There has also been a proposal that there be a central focus for this event. In response to this, all students (and anyone
else!) are invited to...

Picket Geoff Hoon
The Defence Minister Geoff Hoon will be speaking at
7pm on Wednesday 5 December at Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon
NW4 4BG. Nearest tube: Hendon Central. Bring banners, placards, etc.
Here is a map:

The directions I have are: turn right out of Hendon Central Tube Station and continue to the junction, then turn right onto
the The Burroughs. The Town Hall is on this road on the left.

Finally, it has been suggested that everybody who is interested in striking should meet up in London and picket the Ministry of Defence (I will send more details if and when I get them).

Peace and solidarity!

Oscar Reyes, Essex University Peace Campaign

ps. Please get in touch if you would like to add your
group to those already supporting the Day of Action. Also it'd be great
to hear what events are planned at different universities.

Trista di Genova
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Student Strike.

05.12.2001 09:56

Students on strike? How will we know?