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Sodexho Office Occupation Update

ginger | 04.12.2001 18:20

Sodexho Screws Refugees For Money action update

At approximately 8:45 this morning 6 activists calling themselves "Sodexho Screws Refugess for Money" occupied the Sodexho European Management Centre.

They quickly but calmly walked through reception and up the stairs, before entering an office and informing the beligerant occupant that he should leave. They then proceeded to attach themselves to the only lockable on features in the office - a chair. Two of the activists were secured using D-locks around their necks, and a further two merely used chains and blag.

They then contacted the local newspaper - the esteemed "Surrey Advertiser". Their demands were simple - an end to Sodexho's profiteering from the government's cruel oppression of asylum seekers.

The local constabulary arrived within about 10 minutes, but it took a further hour before the Tactial Support Group heavies arrived with the necessary equipment to remove the activists. During this time the situation remained jovial and light hearted, though the very serious issues were repeatedly restated. It is not clear what was going on in the rest of the building at this time, though it is fair to assume that Sodexho's evil work was disrupted for this entire time.

The bellicose former occupier of the now occupied office made repeated threats such as "I'll have you" and appeared unduly worried about his lowgrade laptop despite the group making lear at all times that they were not interested in property about from perhaps a cup of char.

The six were cut free and taken to Croydon cop shop where they were charged with Illegal Imprisonment. This was later changed, without a reason given, to section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986 - threatening words/behaviour.

All but one were released on bail and are due to appear at ten o'clock at Croydon magistrates court tomorrow morning.

Until All Are Free!

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Support for The 1

06.12.2001 18:44

Emily Apple is now residing at Her Majesty's Leisure, C/o Holloway.
As it stands, she faces a bail hearing on Wed' 12th, so will have been held in Holloway for 8 nights.

If the application fails, she could be in until the plea hearing around the 7th Jan 2002 (and beyond, depending on the outcome of a trail) - a bit extreme for D-locking herself to a chair during an office occupation.

Despite this, She is reasonably upbeat at the moment, however this is her first time inside and so She would greatly appreciate support via letters, 'red cross parcels', etc, etc,from her friends and sympathisers. Emily's prison # is GN 6924 (All together now, "i'm not a number, i'm a human being"!!


Ref Emily Apple

07.12.2001 14:56

Emily Apple was released on bail Friday 7th Dec