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Round-up of newswire postings UK and Global

06.12.2001 01:53

Mon 10th: Evidence of the IMC/GSF Diaz school raid in Genova is presented to European Parliament.
The European Parliament is forced to consider to take action against Italy.

Mon 10th: The Bristolian chock full of dodgy dealings at Bristol city council!

Tues 4th: News from European No Border meeting including a Strasbourg anti-SIS bordercamp in July 2002 + more

Tues 4th: Sodexho's (private prisons / asylum vouchers) HQ was occupied for over an hour. Background on Sodexho

Tues 4th: Trade Union News from around the world

Mon 3rd: Paul Robinson, UNISON member and Gothenburg protest prisoner has been moved from the remand centre in Gothenberg to a prison in Karlskoga

Mon 3rd: Statewatch condemns EU proposals to create SIS database on 'protesters' and 'foreigners' and prevent listed people travelling to protests. Meanwhile EU officials this week decide on the definition of 'terrorism', expected to include anti-globalisation protests - see Statewatch report

In the UK only days remain before the final stages of the latest anti-terrorism bill -see Liberty's response / Coalition Against the Terrorism Act website

Sat 1st: Thousands marched through Dublin in the latest anti-war demonstration: pics 1 / pics 2 / picture montage / video win media / audio win media - a song for peace

Nov 30th: Billboards advertising Microsoft's latest Windows operating system XP have been subvertised in Bristol and London

Thessaloniki IMC launches in Greece

In Spring 2002, construction of the A21 Lamberhurst bypass is due to commence within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The bypass is viewed with similar disdain as the Newbury bypass.

Nov 29th: Wild maize in Mexico has been contaminated by GMO's (published in Nature magazine) - GMO oil seed rape contamination widespread in Canada (New Scientist). See report and

Nov 28th: Resistance grows to World Economic Forum meeting in NYC

Nov 28th: Details of No To WTO! Public Meeting held on 10th Novemeber, the second day of the WTO talks in Doha, Qatar.

For more global news see the World Page