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"Let the WTO know what's happening in the UK ''No New Round Radio

imc-uk | 09.11.2001 01:05

No New Round Radio is being broadcast on FM to the WTO in Quatar and on the web so if you wanna submit a report from or about a protest ring this number and record it.

"Let the WTO know what's happening in the UK''
If you're on a protest, or want to report how a protest
was then call 070 5068 7987 -you will be connected to an answer machine it will record your report, remember to speak clearly and state where you are and what happened.

This message will be converted to a real audio file and forwarded to the websites and No New Round Radio

No New Round Radio broadcast in Quatar on FM and on the web at

more info at

NO NEW ROUND RADIO - Indymedia - Greenpeace collaboration