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Complicity and Chaos

Dictator Watch | 09.11.2001 00:43

for Muslims, Jews, and everyone else


by Roland Watson
October 2001

If you are a member of a group, you are the first line of defense against unethical members of your group. You cannot say that their actions are separate from you, that you are only trying to live your life and take care of your own interests, and that what they do has nothing to do with you. You cannot say that others – outside of the group – are solely responsible for confronting them and bringing them to justice. You are responsible. And, if you know that they exist, and do not warn others about them, you are complicit. Further, if you know of acts that they are planning, or even just may be planning, you are culpable. You are a silent conspirator in their crimes. You bear the responsibility of opposing them, even at the cost of your own life.

If you are unwilling to do this, then you should leave the group.

Those Muslims, and one has to understand that this may well include the majority of all Muslims worldwide, who accept without opposition the actions of extreme Islam, are complicit in these acts. (The Prophet himself initiated the first Islamic Holy War, against the clans of Mecca that refused to believe his revelations.) Those Muslims who support such acts, if only in their hearts and private conversations, are culpable.

The question is, are they criminally culpable? Under today’s standards of justice, they are not, but under tomorrow’s remains to be seen. In any case, while they may never be held to account in a court of law, they know, in their hearts, that they have blood on their hands.

Those Jews in Israel, and America, who turn a blind eye to the repression of the Palestinians by Ariel Sharon and his gang, are complicit in his crimes. Those who offer him support, either tacit or direct, are culpable.

Those individuals who are employed by, or in other ways support, the economic and media institutions of the world, and who recognize – if only in their hearts – that such support underlies all manner of dictatorship, starting with by their own institutions, and who beg off any responsibility for the consequences of their support, who argue that they are just trying to live their lives in the system to which they were born, are complicit in all of the crimes of such dictatorship. Those individuals who serve in the senior levels of such institutions, and who ignore the consequences of their institutions’ behavior, indeed, who guide it, are culpable. They should be viewed as and judged culpable, criminally culpable, now.

Dictator Watch
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09.11.2001 11:00

...And Christians are complicit in this....

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Well it's a desert island for me then

09.11.2001 11:14

Been having arguments with a woman at work, that is very similar to this one. She agrees with you, and to a certain extent so do I, but where do you draw the line? We have so little control over the actions of our goverments/leaders at present, that to label someone criminally culpable is a little extreme, although I wouldn't say invalid. There is definitely a point though, where you have to say 'I refuse to be a part of this'. And it is up to the individual to decide where this point lies, and also what to do about it.


no no no

09.11.2001 14:29

Look, this is more daft nationalist logic. Do you really think all Muslims are answerable for the actions of Al-Quaeda? Or all Jewish people for the actions of the Israeli state? Because by the same logic all of us living in the US or UK are answerable for the bombing of Afghanistan...

The only way to make sense of the world is to be specific, to look at what each person and group actually says and does, and so to recognise that all faiths and nations are in fact politically divided. Trying to treat people in 'blocks' according to race, religion or nationality is the road to madness, terror and war.



09.11.2001 15:40

Whilst agreeing with your point in the sense that if I was to go to a football match supporting my team (Spurs), I would not be personally responsible for the few hooligans who will go and fight for their team against other hooligans.
At the same time, we do have to start to take responsibility if we are to stop these acts of state terrorism. If we sit back and say that we do not condone these actions therefore we cannot be held accountable, it is all too easy to become apathetic. Whereas if we felt that we were in some way responsible, we would all be out on the streets protesting at this unjust war, because we would in some way feel a collective responsibility.
Perhaps our attitudes are changing though, as we all as humans should, and most of us do, feel collectively responsible for the destruction of both our planet and other species. So maybe there is hope after all???

homo sapien


09.11.2001 17:32

So who then could be more criminally negligent than the americans? Allowing a leader to be elected even when he lost the vote, supporting the capitalist dream which guarantees wealth for the few and suffering for the masses and worst of all inciting massive international terrorism with their bullying attitudes and outrageous colonialism.

On this basis, you can accuse the people of america of being responsible for the destruction of the WTC, which is obviously bollocks. Just like your article.