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Little Rock 26

The Masked Hampster | 31.10.2001 21:08

A dispatch from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, where more than a dozen political prisoners are still behind bars after being brutally attacked by the police on Monday during an animal rights protest against UK-based Huntingdon Life Sciences.

hello. i am writing to you from little rock, we need help. there are still 13 people locked up and 1 person is serving a ten day sentance for expressing her feelings to the judge by giving him the finger. the judge we have is a dinosaur and has a reputation for being a jerk and having no compassion. the judges name is munson. his phone number is +1 501 371 4739. the girl who is serving ten days is whitney battle, this is the correct spelling of her name most stuff going out is incorrect. please help us. i have trial on monday morning also, i could not have trial with everyone else because of the injuries i got from police brutality, they had to take me to the hospital as oppossed to keeping me there. another girl got her wrist broken and was refused medical by police, josh harper was shot in the face with a rubber bullet! the police have already attempted arrest on myself but they are unable to touch me until monday. please please please help us this is crucial. the judge is not taking calls but you can leave messages to have him call you back if you say its urgent and not give a topic of discussion. you can also just call and leave a message. thank you

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The Masked Hampster


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Phone numbers for those detained

31.10.2001 23:12

The phone. no for the jail is 001 501 340 7000, numerous extensions.
Direct Line for chief of Detentions is 001 501 340 7405.
Anyone know an internet based call service, so bods with a microphone can call for MUCH less?