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Faslane anti-nuke protest

ian f | 23.10.2001 10:21 | Peace not War

faslane october blockade part-success, fewer arrests than feb., fewer protesters, more police.

falsane: met up sun morning in glasgow with people and planet aberdeen/edinburgh and two from st.andrews. prepared banenrs, posters included: stop the NUKE (just do it), 1000,000,000 pounds/yr spent on faslane (is there anything more important). superhero with PANTI-NUCLEAR underwear,
well organised by CND vans and good food, good atmosphere. Wake up 4am leave 5:30, arrive 6:30, police already lined up, noone up at the gate. Drum for peace band starts up, great atmosphere, didgeridoo player, dancers, large Irish group dressed up in nuclear suits painted up. only about five affinity groups chained up at the north gate(main entrance). police presence high, arrest begin early on but there are far fewer 'arrestables' than feb. by 10:00am police had let workers in through one of the other entrances, by 11:00am it was already fairly pointless.
good moments: following the 9:00am minute silence for victims of terrorism and war (US, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel), One minute of noise at 10:00am for US Foreign Policy!!!
a large group hug ended the north gate protest, we moved up to south gate, but the whole thing was over by 1:30pm.
goodish turn out, great atmosphere, lets keep it up up up for feb's protest. thanks to all for coming. thanks to CND for such a well organised event (min vans, endless supplies of good food etc..)

ian f
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