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AntiWar Protest in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Thessaloniki Indymedia | 17.10.2001 18:36 | Thessaloniki EU

AntiWar protest in Thessaloniki . 400 people take the streets against terror.

As long as the societies live in nirvana
There will be Taliban and Pax Americana

Demonstration against the war took place yesterday (Tuesday 16-10) in Thessaloniki (Greece) . The demo was organized by anti-authoritarians and anarchists against the war in Afganistan and the culture of destruction . At 7 p.m. the demo started from a central spot of the city . About 400 people marched to the main and most commercial streets of Thessaloniki with main slogan “ We take the streets against terror “ .
In the beginning there was tension because the cops surrounded the march very tightly . After a 15 minutes delay and when the cops went back the demo continued with destination the buildings where the American consulate and the European Union are based . There were slogans as “ Terror is your civilization “ , “ Neither Allah , nor God , only social war “ , “Yesterday they were allies , today they are enemies , always in the target will be the people “ . The demo ended to the starting point in Kamara.
The mood in Greece is generally opposite to the war in Afganistan . The mobilizations against the war will be continued in Thessaloniki and Greece .
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