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Against War and Terrorism - PDF pamphlet for you to distribute

The struggle site | 17.10.2001 10:21

A 20 page pamphlet of essential articles that you
can use locally in building an anti-war movement.
what?s, wrong with US foreign policy, what are the
various branches of Islam, why does the media lie,
hints on building an anti-war movement and more.

Against War and Terrorism - PDF pamphlet for you to distribute
Against War and Terrorism - PDF pamphlet for you to distribute

This pamphlet was written by anarchists from
four continents. You can read each individual
article on the web or better yet download the
PDF file of the pamphlet (which is 20 pages) and
print it off. We strongly encourage you to print
off multiple copies and distribute them locally
as a way of starting discussion about the war,
the need to oppose it and the need for a
different economic, political and social system
to that which has given rise to it. We also
welcome re-publication of the articles, for
details see

Instructions on how to download and print out a
PDF file are on the web page

A listing of the articles in the pamphlet is

Against war and terror
While we deplore the attacks on the USA and the
deaths of thousands of people we are also aware
that the 'retaliation' to this attack is
designed to advance the control of the USA and
other western powers over the people of the

The tragedy of Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a tragic country. The Soviet-
backed coup and subsequent invasion in 1979
ushered in more than two decades of brutal war.
During the 1980's, the US supplied at least USD
32 billion of military aid to the mujahadeen,
the Islamic opposition to the Soviet regime

Capitalist Terror and Madness
Terror has a long history in the service of
counter-revolution, and will always work towards
undermining the very foundations of a new, free,
postcapitalist, society, or even one where
forces of death, oppression and exploitation are
significantly weakened

"Why do they hate us"?
A small group of militants, hundreds or a few
thousand, hated the U.S.A. so much that they
spent years planning their attacks on New York
City and Washington D.C. A New York anarchist
looks at there motives as they related to US
foreign policy.

History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of
fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the
1860s, and continues to the present day. From
Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to
Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist
movement has paid in blood for its opposition to
imperial domination and control.

Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
Roughly 1 in 5 of the world's population is
muslim - that's over a billion people. Yet for
all the talk about a global society with the
telecommunication revolution bringing knowledge
to the masses, what most westerners from
christian backgrounds know about Islam can be
written on the back of a small postage stamp

Commissars of the Free Press
Why don't we have a media which attempts to be
unbiased and objective? Why don't we have a
media which presents all relevant information
rather than selecting some information for
prominent display and largely rejecting other
information? Why don't we have a wider diversity
of opinion in the media?

Building an antiwar movement
The key ingredients of success in building a
successful anti-war movement are confidence in
ordinary people's potential, solidarity with
each other and a long-term view: we have not
been able to prevent the first bombs falling,
but over time we can reverse the dynamic and
stop the war.

The anarchist alternative
A successful anarchist revolution then, would
result in society being organised by the free
association and federation of workers (and
peasants, in some countries), with decisions
made directly by the people affected by them. A
new era, of international solidarity, peace and
co-operation is born.

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