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DSEi protest pictures II

Manos | 12.09.2001 14:58 | Fiesta for Life | Anti-militarism | London

Wombling assembly

DSEi protest pictures II
DSEi protest pictures II

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14.09.2001 13:41

Hell! There are more Wombles here than there were on Mayday! What they hell happened though? Almost the entire march towards the centre was blocked in (something the Wombles are supposed to stop?) and there was no real push in numbers to get to the East Gate (which was protected by Section 60 orders - but could have been overcome quite niceley with a large group).

Not too sure about the pink silver thing - I though Pink was pacifist and silver was more open to option on how to confront the police? At least, thats what is seemed like in Prague and Genoa...

Anyway, I guess its always easy to criticise. Good to see the Wombles getting bigger in number every time. Perhaps by next Mayday, with all of the different affinity groups around the country there will be a truly successful protest.

Nice one.