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Genoa Update

it | 05.09.2001 14:32 | Genoa

For regular updates on the situation re Genoa in Italy see:
In the uk all of the arrested are home and many are considering legal action...

[en] After moving the NATO meeting to Pozzuoli, the Government is thinking where to move FAO meeting, feeding and riding the tension atmosphere. The government Ministers state that they will forbid any demo in any city during days where there is any "excuse" to protest. We have to go back to 1977 to hear a Minister threatening the Costitutional rights. The man involved in Piazza Alimonda facts is at home arrests, officially investigated forattempted murder: for the Carabiniere who murdered Carlo the abrogation of the accusations for legitimate self-defense nears. The State strategy is complete.


[en] 10 German activist have been released andexpelled from Italy. One more comrade is at home arrests. Now there are still 5 people in jail.


[en] The activist attacking the Carabinieri jeep in Piazza Alimonda has consigned himself to the judge, with an interrogation lasted for two hour and a half. It's not certain though the opening of a proceeding against him and other people present on the scene of Carlo Giuliani's murder for attempted murder.
Following the testimonies of a nurse working in those days in Bolzaneto and of nurses working in San Martino Hospital, the Director of the Hospital has denounced as false teh accusation of having left the police free to act and intervene in the Hospital First Aid sector: this gives more substance to the enquiry about Bolzaneto violences and the judges have opened another enquiry on the abuses by Police forces in First Aid structures.


[en] Police officiers dismissed after Genoa facts have being heard by the Parliamentary Commitee, and have launched accuses towards other Police forces officiers, giving out details about Genoa operations opposing the present positions of the Police Forces heads. The accusations towards the two czech guys seem to be relenting, at least concerning Genoa activities. Ten of the Fifteen Germans still in jail will be interrogated today and in the following days, and their lawyers wil ask again to grant them freedom. Seems that the sudge want to open an enquiry with the accusation of attempted murder against the people around the Carabinieri jeep from which the deadly shot towards Carlo Giuliani has been fired. Vittorio Agnoletto, spokepersone for the GSF, will be heard by the commitee on september 6th. In the night between aug 28th ad aug 29th a bomb has been found in Florence, not switched on.


[en] The institutional struggle rages on. Government and Police Unions threaten and issue warnings againsr the delegitimation of the Public Order Forces and the words used by the judges. The coupist atmosphere is definitely worrying.
A bomb explodes inside a seat of Lega Nord in the neighborhood of Padua: the Tension Strategy is back.


[en] CSOA ASkatasuna comrade still detained has been released today. The Germans still in jail have been interrogated repeatedly. 143 cops have been enrolled to the investigation record and they now can be heard not as witnesses but as enquired.
15 Germans and 1 Italian remain in jail for the moment, while one more Itlian is at home arrests in Turin.

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