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War is a profitable business

Luther Blissett | 01.09.2001 20:15

VOJSKA 26/27

Bilderberg group

War is a profitable business

Who are the true makers of current war, what is their monstrous scenario for the future events in the Balkans?

Luther Blissett


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01.09.2001 20:27

another '70's footballer


02.09.2001 16:36

This being true, these people are maniacal mass murderers, the genocidal killers of hundreds of millions of innocents and everyone suffering from want, are their victims. They are war criminals of the the most heinous kind. Their actions affect every living thing on this planet. Everyone could be living in peace and plenty, were it not for the Bilderburg Group (CFR,WTO,NSA,WHO,UN,NATO,ETC) They have systematically overthrown or assasinated every rightfully elected leader and replaced them with corrupt Generals, Suharto, Mengistu, Pol Pot, Pinochet and the rest. The eternal conflict and horrors, everywhere from Palestine to Papau New Guinea is part of a carefully calculated plan, for Global Control. And we let them!


This we know, but what actions do you suggest

02.09.2001 17:54

Bilderberg, building and pissing on your gravestone.
An organization that should be flushed.

Greetings from Build up a stronghold against
these motherfuckers.

Talking but no actions?