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UK Solidarity protests, for Aug 20th, against Genoa Police brutality...

anon | 18.08.2001 13:29

Details below for UK Solidarity protests around the UK for Aug 20th

Bristol 20.08

To cap off a day of action against various citywide police and state targets, there will be an evening of solidarity with Carlo, everyone still locked down and the thousands of freedom fighters annually slaughtered by capitalism's dogs including a showing on Indymedia's Genoa flik - at The Duke of Cambridge pub, oppposite Charlotte Keel Health Centre, corner of Seymour road and Warwick Road, Easton, Bristol, UK starting 8pm. Be there - who knows where it may lead!!!

Liverpool 20.08

Meet at Central Station at 10.30, to go to Italian Consulate, or at the horse on church street at 12.

Manchester 20.08

Solidarity demo for people arrested or assalted by police during the G8 summit in Genoa. Meet at 12:30 Monday 20th August outside the Italian Consulate at 111 Piccadilly Manchester (bottom of approach ramp to Piccadilly train station).

Go to the website address above for further information

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19.08.2001 14:08

I've arranged to go to london tommorow.... is there no solidarity protests there??

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London reply

19.08.2001 15:59

Good question. I've been wondering that myself. Does anyone have any information about any London protests?


Lets do our own...

19.08.2001 17:19

Lets organise our own. Seeing as I'm doing this on my own lets say 2.00 at the Italian Embassy.

I'll contact the people I know in Globalise Resiastance and see if they can help, I'll aslo try and contact Protest.Net and rewrite this on the Newswire. Get everyone you can to turn up. This is REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT!!!

Now where's the London A-Z?

Disillusioned kid
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