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The Uranium Story | 08.08.2001 15:59

Operation Alchemy - Video work of the tour raising awareness of nuclear crimes - Profile - The Uranium Child

This is the first in a series of Video character profiles from our Hip Hop – Breakbeat – Positive action inspiring stage show.

The Operation Alchemy show is drawing to and end. This summer we have been campaigning against the use of Nuclear power and Uranium.

We are free forming free-style collective that has come together out of the free party scene to raise people’s awareness of where they get their energy from.

We’ve been performing in the UK, in Germany notably in Bonn for the climate change conference and also in Vienna.

We hope to take the show on to the wider European free party scene at some point to inspire direct action protest and involvement in positive projects from a party movement.that seems to have lost the point along the way somewhere.

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