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solidarity with the Austrian caravan

Schifteh | 08.08.2001 12:54

I'm really looking to organise any protest for the Austrian activists!!!

I'm sure you've heard about the Austrian Caravan and their members who've been tortured in the last week of their imprisonment. This inhuman behaviour caused a huge range of activities and demonstrations in Austria, especially in Vienna. That's great, however, it's not enough. We need internantional solidarity if we really want the Italian police to let the "VolxKarawane" activists free. We have to force them with international pressure as to show them that there are people in whole Europe who care about them!
In Austria it's quite difficult to organise big protests, because our goverment (you know, Freedom Party and Conservative Party) is indirectly supporting the Italian government and especially the policemen's behaviour.

At the moment I'm staying in London and I'm really looking forward to organise any protests for the release of the Austrian activists. Please, let's do something about it and let's not forget all the other people who are missing!!!


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  1. I thought Solidarity action for the 20th Augu — Dazza