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Italian Consulate in Edinburgh, Scotland, vandalised

Mouther | 23.07.2001 18:41

A brief report on an action at the Italian Consulate in Edinburgh

As a visual manifestation of our disgust and resentment for the police assassins and the authority they protect, on Saturday night (21,07,01)around 35 people visited the Italian Consulate in Edinburgh, Scotland, for a spontaneous demonstration. The word 'murder' was scrawled across the front of the building and some slogans were painted against the police assassins, against murder and we left banners demanding justice for our dead comrade. We dispersed before the police arrived. It is important to make clear that scores of people have been
murdered for opposing the institutions of global
capital, it's just that most of them have been shot in
poorer countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Papua New Guinea,
Indonesia etc.). We don't hear much about that
because the powers that be want to pretend their
institutions are only hated by a few extremists in
rich countries and because they give even less of a
fuck about some troublesome Colombian than they do
about a brave homeless Italian. At the Italian
consulate we remembered all those killed in the
struggles against exploitation and oppression. The
movements for freedom and equality have too many



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