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Serious Disturbance at Italian Consulate in Manchester

Newscarrier | 23.07.2001 13:29

Solidarity action at Italian Consulate in Manchester




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well done!!!

23.07.2001 20:17

well done!!!
Sorry I couldn't be there, look forward to hearing more about it when I get back to Manchester


From America - Enemy of the People (satire)

23.07.2001 22:26

GEEZE, or is that GE. You mean anytime any one of the G8 does something stupid in the world, that any one, or more, of their consulates or embassies will be be targeted for protest? Gee's you are pro globalization, not anti. Well pResident Bush will stop you all with his new and improved Missile Defense Shield. Meanwhile, I keep wondering, "Who is the enemy of the people?"

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And let me make myself clear (satire)

23.07.2001 23:07

America will PAY for it ( the missile defense shield). So there!!

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23.07.2001 23:40

Thanks for the impassioned posting, it's true. A young university graduate, and web-designer from West London is lying seriously ill in hospital with a collapsed lung, bruised ribs and internal bruising from being beaten by arresting officers.

His crime was allegedly co-ordinating the riots by computer. These riots were not organised, but a spontaneous reaction to police brutality, prevalent everywhere. Riot Police are present on all our streets, to "crush" protests, protect multinationals or shoot the mentally ill!

Mark Covill, is under armed guard in hospital, like an IRA terrorists for daring to take a stand. He faces five years in jail. He's being used as an example to anyone who might decide to fill his shoes, so we know what we face. It's like feudalism, when rebels heads were impaled on London Bridge as a warning to others!


There will be no more Carlos next time!

24.07.2001 00:20

This is the last time an unarmed civilian crowd was shot at.
Next time there will be no more Carlos because we will shoot back if that's the way they want to play it.

No justice-no peace, FUCK THE POLICE !!!


Bush is a pawn, not a president.

24.07.2001 00:26

Bush W Bush couldn't wipe his own asshole without his "Daddy"'s help.
And what the fuck is that shit with missles? Do you mean like he is gonna shoot missles in europe to stop protesters?

Geees, i am sure a sack a potatoe has a larger IQ than you and that's not only cuz you gave your vote to Bush.

Get a fucking grip !



24.07.2001 04:25

So there is no confusion, my comments were written as satire. If you do not know the meaning of the word 'satire', please use a dictionary,

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Eh oop Mancunian, like

24.07.2001 09:35

Looks like you naaaaaaaaaaartherners with your demo outside (and in) the Italian Embassy have blatantly outdone the crap effort (not) taking place here in London !!! Nice one !!!

Keep up the struggle - in solidarity...

Joe Londoner

big up to the manc massive

24.07.2001 14:30

Nuff respect Manchster. Were here on a beach on the run deep cover on the italian riviera 20 miles from genoa soaking up the sun with our ballys ditched (too fucking hot) glad to see you had em even in the cold raining grey smelly north
the sky is blue the sea is warm and the people are just too damn sexy.
We spent 2 days trying to get some money out of a cash machine but some git had smashed them all
"I only said blow the bloody doors off!"
wrap up warm
big shout from the pink lobster massive
signing out
Charlie Croker

The self preservation society
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old lady fascists

24.07.2001 16:06

confronted by Fascists, including old women? wow! thanks god for our anarchist heroes! how do you know they were fascists - were they carrying pictures of Mussolini? if not why not be more careful before you bandy this word around.
also what has "the senseless slaughter of animals" got to do with globalisation? what about the senseless growing of soya as a cash crop in the 3rd world to feed ignorant first world rebels?
and can someone please explain what that bloke getting shot dead in Brixton has to do with globalisation? is it something to do with the manufacture of pistol-shaped cigarette lighters in Burma? I think not.
globalisation is bad enough without tacking on a load of irrelevant bollox. we need clear analysis - not lumping every cause of the moment together when there is clearly no link at all between them.



24.07.2001 20:25


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manchester protest

25.07.2001 21:43

the several people were actually three who managed to terrorise a group of old ladies collecting their pensions, by squirting them with fire extinguishers. They then set off a fire know like school children must be so proud of yourselves.....get a life and get a job. Btw found the photo of the representative of black bloc stood on a burnt out car, saluting his victory against the capatalist society, which is run by those global manufacturing monsters they detest so much.....he was wearing addidas trainers......rotflmao......nothing like having a cause!

posh n becks

adidas trainers

26.07.2001 00:10

re Black Block

"and they were wearing Adidas trainers"

and thats how we know they were coppers

(apart from the fact they were seen getting out of police vans and the police let them get on with it)


conspiratorial rubbish

26.07.2001 13:11

do you really think that the state could be arsed to create a fake black bloc to attack property indiscriminantly (rather than the heroic, principled trashing of coffee shops) and cause fights with the ...errrr... police?
this is rubbish. anarchists trash stuff because they are politically motivated to do so - eith stand behind them or criticise them, stop using this agent provocateur bollox as an excuse



27.07.2001 10:04

Hi Guys, reading all this stuff in the newspapers and talking to all my friends in Italy, It really seems that the media are hiding the thruth in Italy, just today an Italian politicial has denied that in Europe everybody is complaining and protesting against what happened... I don't know what to say.. as an Italian citizen I really think I should apologis for what our police did... NO EXCUSE! But the sad thing is that Berlusconi has everything and he is able to manipolize even the news... THAT'S SAD GUYS, WE NEED HELP FROM OUTSIDE..!!! PROTEST AS YOU CAN!!

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Manchester Genoa protests update

29.07.2001 16:38

On the way out of the Italian Consulate last Monday, we heard some of the consulate staff saying "This would not have happened if Mussolini was still in power", and "You should all be shot".

Sounds like Italian fascists to me!

Last Friday lunchtime, we held a vigil outside the consulate.

Manchester Earth First!
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as for some of the above comments...

29.07.2001 16:49

I won't spend much time here replying to some of the comments above - if people want to find out how these different issues are linked, or the depth of thought and analysis people have before they are moved to go to a protest, or the different definitions of globalisation and why some people don't like 'it' (& others are killed by it) then there are plenty of info sources.

If they want to just provoke and be aggressive, then they are not going to be open to any replies to their ranting.

And as for Adidas shoes, it's just the 'you wear leather shoes' argument yet again (yawn), ie you aren't perfect yet you try to make a difference, whereas I sit on my complacent apathetic arse and criticise and therefore don't have to make any effort to act as a decent being, or to try and change things for the better.

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Genoa, a view - diversity & criticism...

29.07.2001 17:06


July 2001 – one person’s thoughts

·We must not fall into the age-old trap of “divide and conquer” that the state wishes to use on us, with the media as their tool

·We must not allow the term “black bloc” to become synonymous with any one thing, just as much as we must not allow “anti-capitalist” or “protestor” or “activist” to become synonymous with any one thing. We are lots of different people who do different things at different times for different reasons – we are diverse and we do not accept labels

·Having discussions about violence and nonviolence, personally, or within the “activist” community, is healthy and necessary. Having these discussions in the media or press releases is useless, destructive and damaging to us all

·We must base all discussion, about and with those whose tactics we may disagree with, on the assumption that we all share the same desire for a just, free world. Sometimes we might have to agree to differ along the way – and learn how to handle that

·We must deal with the fact that what we are doing is hard, and we need to make choices based on sustainability if we want to be in it for the long haul. We must allow for the fact that we may get discouraged and weary, and that affects how feelings, choices, and needs

·We must continue to use our own media to communicate the issues and the facts – leaflets, newsletters, papers, workshops, public meetings, squat cafes, alternative news nights, indymedia…

·We must keeping putting energy into support systems including legal and prisoner support, as well as good communication, information sharing, and skill sharing

·We must put energy into facing our own personal and group challenges, to become very open with each other, very honest with each other, willing to respond to criticism, willing to change, and strong enough and close enough to look after each other in whatever situations we face

·It is only going to get more challenging and perhaps scarier – WE NEED EACH OTHER. We must learn to work with the diversity of actions and choices that must exist in a sustainable society, and see it not as confusing and overwhelming but as exciting and inspiring

·We must continue to create as well as resist – and to celebrate how far we’ve come already

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29.07.2001 20:08

I have no problem with people having opinions, I do not agree with you but defend your right to make a point, but do you really believe that violence, property destruction and such like will win anything for you. Please remember, is it such a noble cause that attacks things it does not agree with and harms those with whom you disagree?

Fascists do that, grown ups engage in dialogue with those with whom they disagree. You will get nowhere without the backing of at least many of the public worldwide, and you, by behaving like savages, are alienating yourselves. Those of you who are serious about your cause, that is your right, but amongst your numbers are the people who support any cause that is in fashion, the idiots looking for trouble and the middle class kids rebelling against Mummy and Daddy, the vast majority of people look apon such morons with a mixture of irritation, annoyance, pity and laughter. In protest at the actions of the state, im sure you will all be refusing your Jobseekers Allowance, Income Suport and housing and council tax benefit payments from now on.


Brixton death

29.07.2001 20:45

The police killing the bloke in Brixton was obviously well out of order. but someone please explain to me what the hell this has to do with globalisation?



30.07.2001 07:11

How was it out of order, Im a British soldier, I couldnt tell the difference between that toy and a real gun at that range, and I would also have slotted the guy. Point a relica gun at Police Officers, you get drilled, simple really, at least here we have the right to piss and moan about it, try doing that in most of the worlds countries, and you may find yourself vanishing. As for the idiot in genoa, throwing objects at the police , especially a bloody great fire extinguisher is hardly nice calm friendly behaviour now is it, if you put yourself in harms way, please dont whinge when harm bites you in the ass.


what about Hackney

30.07.2001 10:10

I hear what you are saying but I still don't think it is a good enough to justify someone getting shot dead. fair enough if you are in the army dealing with terrorists or whatever, but not the police, not in Brixton. why did they need to shoot him six times?
it also sounds a bit too much like that bloke in Hackney getting shot because the police thought the table leg he was carrying was a shotgun.
I have no sympathy for the way the Brixton killing is being exploited - it has NOTHING to do with globalisation and no-one who actually lives in the area is claiming that (unlike this nonsense above). I live about ten minutes from Brixton High Street and the weekend after the shooting a bunch of idiots at the demonstration about the killing went on the rampage smashing up & looting local shops (didn't touch the police station) around here. that really pissed off people who live in the area (including me) but I still think the police were well out of order.
just saying basically "he had it coming" is no way to run police armed response units. we don't live in the US!
still has nothing to do with globalisation tho.



30.07.2001 16:34

Both Police and Army are taught to put a target down, so that he can no longer be a threat, one round, even with a 9mm may not kill, and with a man with a gun, thats an awfully big risk to take. There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about shooting to disable or using tranquiliser bullets, all of which work well on the tv, but in real life the only way to deal with a man with a gun is to shoot, and to make sure that the target is immobilised, which may take 6 rounds. Let us not forget that there is no difference in the eyes of a Police Officer between an armed terrorist, and a man carrying a lighter that looks like a gun, one cannot simply approach a villain and say "excuse me old boy, is that gun real". Police officers have a job to do, not all of us like them, im not the biggest fan, but for christs sake, put yourselves in thier shoes for a minute before you condemn them



30.07.2001 21:47

It is not the case that a shared goal of social justice and global equality existing betweeen activists warrants the use of violent protest - it does not. Violence is a weapon of the oppressor over the oppressed and when embraced by protesters serves to legitimise the paradigm that, ironically, they aim to overthrow. Be as satyagrahi practicing truth and firmness, resistance without violence. Far from being a subject which is personal, violence as a means to whatever end needs to be discarded by activists the world over.

br'er benny
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When to shoot

01.08.2001 12:43

If you want to pose a threat to Police officers then they are going to respond with equal force and quite rightly. Pointing a gun (or what looks to be a gun) at people and telling them it's real is going to get you shot because you are endangering lives (or appear to be). Police aren't mind readers and they reacted appropriately. What would you be saying if it had been a real gun?
Shooting some one dead because they're threarting you with a fire extinguisher is a different matter. The threat is not the same. Warning shots should have been fired and it's not like they couldn't get away if they wanted shown by reversing over the body afterwards.

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fire extinguishers

01.08.2001 17:08

Its easy to say things like that when we have had the time to look at it from the outside, but then we could argue that smashing up an italian city because the elected, yes elected leaders of the world happened to be there is hardly justified either. Im sure the owners of the italian businesses, many of whom will have worked hard to make them succesful, would agree. I still stand by the ideal that if you dont like the police to fight back, dont pick a fight with them, maybe if the Bradford Police behaved in a less limp wristed manner, then there might be a few less rioters wanting to play there either, at least, a few less live ones anyway. The simple fact of the matter is, he deserved it, he put himself in harms way, harm kicked his ass, and now the rest of the liberals, bleeding hearts and soapdodgers in the world want to mourn his passing like he was some kind of hero, and as for warning shots, i think he knew the police were armed, so it was his choice, as far as I am concerned, the shots were warning shots to the rest of you, protes, please do, violently, if you must, but expect some violence back. What happens when the public say they dont want you smashing up the streets, will you turn on them too, will you throw a fire extinguisher at me because I dont share your adolescent views, and if so, what does that make you people, i think the word is thugs.


elected by who?

02.08.2001 15:27

don't be a dick
blair only got 23% of the vote in this country, bush got less than gore in the US, Berlosconi owns the Italian media that promotes his party. coming out with the crap that these people are in any way democratically (as in by the people) elected really is an adolescent view. and who elected the WTO and the IMF? who elected Esso? that our democracies are faltering is painfully obvious to anyone who chooses to look at this stuff with an open mind.
I agree with you about the violence - if you go looking for a fight it will find you. and hysterical teenage protestors crying because they got whacked by a cop should wise up, this stuff happens at football every weekend.
but the rest of what you say is bollox


Bollocks? Really

02.08.2001 16:13

I suspect that they were more democratically elected than the morions throwing the bricks, who elected them?


not the point

02.08.2001 17:48

I'm not disagreeing with you at all about the violence. it's difficult to say how much sympathy most folks have with the rest of the protestors. but it is clear that the G8 leaders don't have the support of most of their own countries' populations.
the erosion of democracy and the rise of corporate power bother me a lot more than a scrap between protestors and cops. I totally agree the violence is pointless and self-indulgent but which is the bigger crime - someone chucking a brick at a bank, or an oil company sabotaging a worldwide agreement to stop global warming?
are you more bothered by a few hundred hormone-crazed teenagers behaving like idiots on a demo or the fact that business interests can buy the prime minister?
I am pretty clear about what's important and what isn't - what about you? OK we agree that the violence is out of order, but about what they are arguing about?


not the point

02.08.2001 17:49

I'm not disagreeing with you at all about the violence. it's difficult to say how much sympathy most folks have with the rest of the protestors. but it is clear that the G8 leaders don't have the support of most of their own countries' populations.
the erosion of democracy and the rise of corporate power bother me a lot more than a scrap between protestors and cops. I totally agree the violence is pointless and self-indulgent but which is the bigger crime - someone chucking a brick at a bank, or an oil company sabotaging a worldwide agreement to stop global warming?
are you more bothered by a few hundred hormone-crazed teenagers behaving like idiots on a demo or the fact that business interests can buy the prime minister?
I am pretty clear about what's important and what isn't - what about you? OK we agree that the violence is out of order, but about what they are arguing about?



02.08.2001 22:15

Well, its easy to be a critic without suggesting an alternative, what would we have in place of the systems of government that we have at present if we simply changed the whole world order.

I never suggested that the notion that Esso or whoever can buy the president or prime minister was an ideal one, and I have never believed that people should not protest, you have that right because of the thousands of people who put on the same uniform as me before I did. My point lies with the violence, and lets look at the world ruled by the corporations (allegedly), what would you have replace it, im not condemning those who want a better world, merely those who support any cause that is trendy, and those who come to me with a problem, but no solution. Lets face it, the world is certainly no worse than 50 years ago, global war has struck twice last century, neither time through capitalism, the worst conflict in progress at present is probably the Balkans, thats not capitalism either, that is someones misguided cause, the world is far from perfect, but profit can be a force for good, it feeds at least some of the world population, pays for the infrastructure of many countries to be improved, and employs millions. Lets look at how we could be, and what progress we can make tomorrow, instead of smashing up what we built yesterday.

One of the benefits of being a soldier is that I dont get to be a politician and make decisions, I just shoot who the politicians tell me to. They get to worry about the state of the world.


now we're getting somewhere

03.08.2001 10:34

I agree with what a lot of what you say.
I would argue that the First World War was driven by capitalism (well, maybe imperialism) - the intricate system of alliances that caused it was based around the competing interests of different empires.
but I agree that the Second was straightforward Fascism vs Democracay, and these Balkan conflicts are driven by ethnic/nationalist forces rather than capitalism. it does annoy me when people on the left try to find the bad guys in these struggles - for instance some groups effectively supported Serb nationalists because they were anti-US!
things in the developed world are better than 50 years ago - standards of living are higer, free eductaion/health etc. but this is only because people pushed for this in the past. the problem is that we are now in a situation where the pendulum is swinging back the other way.
these rights are gradually being stripped away from us because the markets react badly to high government spending and also private sector comapnies want to take over these services and run them for a profit.
I don't believe we will ever go back to the real poverty and inequality of the depression era but we will develop a modern equivalent. people will be living on crap estates only now they've got a telly and a video.
but I don't think that for the developed world things have improved much at all in the last 50 years, arguably they have got worse when you look at the scale of famines in the 80s & 90s and the civil wars.
I've only talked about living standards/economic measures of wellbeing. the environment has without doubt taken a pummelling over the last 50 years - something that seems only set to increase.
just one example about how much our democratic leaders are pissing in the wind over this. The Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change recommended (in 1990!) a 60% cut in emmissions that cause warming. the orginal Kyoto managed to negotaite a 5% cut 10 years later, the watered down version is even weaker. then you get someone like Esso trying to sabotage something even that weak.
in the UK we work longer hours and suffer greater stress than the rest of Western Europe - and we are the most de-regulated pro-free market country. markets should be there to serve us not the other way around.
I personally think some version of democratic socialism is the only way forward. over to you soldier blue!



07.08.2001 01:15


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love from Chicago

07.08.2001 01:55

sorry for the last message I was just testing.
NUFFF RESPECT for trashing the Italian Embassy, I cant tell you how inspiring it is for people here in the good ole US of A to hear and read about all the resistance that is being shown by people back home.
I loved the message ("Genoa - a view & criticism) YES it is going to just get a lot worse and scarier and YES we need each other. I was touched to tears, (I have a feeling I know who wrote that nessage - well if you read this and you guess right then all I can say is I am sorry for past actions!)
Well, this Friday in Chicago we are having another Green Party rally led by Lord Vader (i.e. Ralph Nader), with Mike Moore and singers Patti Smith and Ani Difranco). The Green Baby was born in this country last year and we need to grow as fast as we can.
People in this country are so mindlessly misinformed about global problems so it is up to us small group of Greens to take the message to the public, & our numbers are growing. We now have people giving out leaflets at the train stations about environmental devastation every morning and posters are starting to appear everywhere.
Our main lines of attack will be the power of the dollar to influence the machinations of the corporate retail world - encouraging people to buy only Fairtrade and to boycott supermarkets until they provide clear lists of productsa that contain GE shit, and to make Organic cheaper and more available.
People are coming out of nowhere to get involved and we are empowering each other to become as strong as we can to influence the public and the corporate world as much as we can. The rally this time will hold around 3,000 people and we are going to be asking everyone to commit as much time and energy and force to bring about a powerful Green backlash against the dark greedy lustful forces of the bastard rich here in the land of the slaves.
Did you know that all the American presidents are related to each other, most of the presidents date their lineage back to the william of orange. The last two muppets up for standing (Gore and Bush) are both related to our good old Queenie.
Did you know that the largest 500 multinationals in the world are directly or indirectly controlled by just 30 main families (Windsors, Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc). Did you know that these families have been controlling the scenes and history of Europe for several hundred years. Did you know that these families follow certain deep philosophies (which are considered Satanic from a purely Christain point of view, or Egyptian/Judaic to be more precise) - The truth of the matter is far darker than any one person could conceive. They want complete control of the planet (Planet of the apes in their eyes!)
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" or so said Spock in Star Trek 2. Well I got a few Ideas.
Well anyway, you are all in my Heart and Mind (well from time to time at least) keep up the fight and may you become nothing but strong.
Hey, why not do the world a service and pile in the BBC - a call to arms worldwide - over the Radio!!!!
Just Do It!

With Gods Love
And My Incessant Aggression

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