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Demonstrators meet Bush in London

Mogwai | 19.07.2001 18:52

Converging from 11:30 onwards, a group of socialists and environmentalists met in London to greet President Bush in a hearty UNwelcoming ceremony

Lines of uniformed police and a helicopter flying overhead were at hand to hold back the enthusiastic crowds of socialists and environmentalists eager to confront the mighty texan as he visited London for the first time today.

From 11:30 onwards a large and diverse group gathered on the Trafalgar Square roundabout in order to make their protest against Bush's unwelcome abandonment of the Kyoto protocol and his intention to force the so-called "son of star wars" upon the world with dire consequences predicted for world safety.
Armed with a giant globe housed in a greenhouse, dozens of banners and one huge banner hoisted on a pole depicting Bush's face with the word "wanted" written about it.
Bush eventually passed the crowd at around 12:30 with a substantial police presence forming a barrier to protesters as the presidential car whizzed past in the direction of Westminster Palace, so as to only allow a glimpse of the man himself as he waved from the dark recesses of his car.
About 15 minutes later the protesters, with permission, and indeed an escort, from the police formed a procession down the Mall, towards Buckingham Palace where Bush would later attend lunch with the Queen. Demonstrating on their way chants of "Our World, our planet, our environment, not for sale!" struck a chord with a number of the tourists which they passed on their way, who clearly showed solidarity with the cause.
Meeting with a group from Greenpeace already outside the palace, chanting and shouting continued to great effect, whilst the police maintained a strong, and indeed totally unnecessary, presence. (indeed strong but slow to stop a streaker infront of the palace and a couple of Greenpeace protesters who managed to momentarily hold up the Bush car)
Bush arrived at the palace almost perfectly in time for the onset of rain and was greeted by a loud harmonious chorus of jeering and contemptuous whistling.
As a conclusion although not bringing the world leader to his knees, this was successful as a show of solidarity, although deprived of the support of the comrades in Genoa and Campsfield



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