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Protest at the US Embassy on Wednesday

Spook The Traveller | 18.07.2001 21:20

Lovely action by the police at the protest at US Embassy

Protest at US Embassy and Police

by Spook

What a lovely time we had with the police once again.The protest went nicely and peacefully and as far as I could see no disturbance was caused to anyone or anything.But hey what tdo I know..I am mean little protester.And the police always know better (right!!!as if).
But the funniest part came after we marched chanting on Oxford Street,from where we headed to the Tube.And the police followed us,so the small group of us (around 15) got 6 police officers and a police cameraman following us.And it didn't stop there ...oh no.After we got off the Tube they followed us as we went to a pub and stayed outside to watch. Eventually we left the pub and by then the police had probably got bored and decided that they had got enough overtime pay by then.

"Losing is natures way of sayin You suck"

Spook The Traveller
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