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We Demand of New Labour..... A New Asylum and Migration policy .....

NCADC | 09.06.2001 10:17

In their last term in office, New labour deported 168,861asylum seekers and migrants. Incresed the number of asylum seekers held in criminal prisons and detention centres. They used this persecution of asylum seekers and migrants to boost their election chances.
No doubt they will claim that re-elected means they can repeat the last four years.
No way, scrap all immigration laws now.

We Demand of New Labour..... A New Asylum and Migration policy .....
Asylum Seekers: Warm Solidarity - not Cold Charity
Warm Solidarity:
We demand no less for people seeking asylum than we would demand for ourselves:
* While pursuing their claim, people seeking asylum should receive equal cash benefits with British nationals.
* People should be allowed to live where and with whom they want.
* Everyone should have the right to seek and accept employment.
* Once granted Refugee Status, people should have the same rights as EU citizens.
* People granted Exceptional Leave to Remain (ELR) should have all the rights of refugees, including the right to bring their families to the UK immediately.
* Unaccompanied minors and people suffering trauma as a result of torture should receive appropriate care, counselling and support.
* People granted Refugee Status, or given Exceptional Leave to Remain, should have the right to take out British Nationality immediately.
Cold Charity:
Asylum seekers in Britain are currently:
* Subject to dispersal, detention and imprisonment. They are not allowed to work for at least six months and they are expected to survive on vouchers at 70% of Income Support levels.
* They are separated from their families and friends. Heads of families are detained, often in prisons, sometimes hundreds of miles apart from the rest of their family.
* If granted Exceptional Leave to Remain (ELR), people have to wait four years before they can bring their families to the UK.
* Non-British people can be subject to ?Double Punishment? if convicted of a crime
(deportation as well as a custodial sentence).
* Children born in the UK are "stateless" if their parents do not have leave to remain.
* Asylum seekers in detention centres, who protest about conditions or attempt any form of self harm are punished by being transferred to a criminal prison.
Migration: open borders, (same rights as EU citizens)
* The British economy (and society) needs migrants to stay healthy. All the political parties say they want full employment. You cannot have full employment without massive economic migration. The two are inseparable.
* Migrants want to come here and work. They should have the right to do so. This is the only way to end human trafficking and prevent the deaths of people like the 58 Chinese or the Cubans or the Iraqis, all of whom died trying to enter Fortress Britain.
We demand:
* All children born in the UK must have the right to British Citizenship. No child must be punished, victimised or discriminated against because of the immigration status of their parents.
* An end to the deportation of non-British spouses/partners
* An end to ?Double Punishment? (prison sentence followed by deportation).
* Zero tolerance of the legalised racism and discrimination that lies at the heart of the Home Office, especially in the immigration, prison and judicial services.
* The right to freedom of movement.
* Equal rights for everyone resident in Britain - that all people present in Britain be allowed to live in safety and dignity, to be allowed to work for a fair wage and to access the same benefits as everyone else.
* An end to all discrimination on whatever basis (sex, colour, nationality, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation etc) at ports and in country.

Anything less is discriminatory and indefensible.

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